Backflows Northwest Expands With Unified Fleet Graphics - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on August 9, 2016

Custom_contractor_fleet_graphics_Bellevue_WA.jpg?noresizeBusiness for Backflows Northwest is booming! After a merger with a Spanaway company, AccuB.A.T. Backflow Testing, in 2014, Backflows Northwest also expanded its fleet to meet up with the increased demand from their Spanaway company's businesses. With new vehicles, new graphics are required to add an advertising function to their fleet. 

The Backflows Fleet And Its Businesses

Being a backflow test and repair company, Backflows Northwest travels between cities to inspect and assess their clients' backflow service needs. Their professional fleet management team, which organizes and delegates tasks and duties more effectively among service vehicles. Backflows Northwest's dedication in its business and expert-level professionalism comply with the Washington State Department of Health's backflow assembly testing guidelines.

Due to a variety of their service offerings, Backflows Northwest has both trucks and sedans in their fleet. During the initial consultation and meeting stages, their Honda Fit sedan is convenient for them as only one or two employees are needed for sales and customer services. However, vehicles with larger capacity, such as pick-up trucks, must be available to transport a team and equipment to job sites that have to be repaired or irrigated. 

Consistent Fleet Graphics Form Unified Fleet

truck_fleet_vinyl_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgOne way to distinguish and categorize a fleet is by the use of custom vehicle graphics. Even though a fleet might not have vehicles of the same make and model, they can still be recognized as a fleet with vehicle wraps and graphics that showcase the brand and information of their organization. See this blog post for the five key types of information included on Backflows Northwest's truck graphics. Riveting Wraps has installed graphics on a variety of vehicles for Backflows Northwest's fleet - including trucks, and a Honda Fit sedan.

Honda_Fit_business_fleet_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgAfter several initial meet-ups with Chris, President of Backflows Northwest, and Steven, Office Manager with Backflows Northwest, Riveting Wraps' creative designers worked together to come up with a vehicle graphics design based on the backflow company's logo, brand colors, and brand characteristics. The finished design was presented to the Backflows team with design proofs that show the graphics on all sides of the trucks and sedan. Riveting Wraps is glad that Backflows Northwest's management and employees like their new fleet graphics. Our team was very eager to produce the graphics and get them installed on the vehicles to bring the design to life! With a unified design that shows the brand color, the logo, and the contact information on all types of vehicles in their fleet, it presents a consistent image of Backflows Northwest wherever their service vehicles travel to. 

Effective Cooperation Between Service Businesses

"You guys are great to work with!"

- President, Backflows Northwest

Custom_contractor_fleet_graphics_Bellevue_WA.jpgOur Riveting Wraps team had a great time working with Backflows Northwest! We hope their crew takes pride in driving their service vehicles with their custom branding around the Greater Seattle Area while offering great backflow services for residential and commercial clients. We are also grateful for their confidence in the quality of our work. After installing Backflows Northwest's fleet graphics on their newest truck, they referred us to work with the Washington State Patrol on a on a large Washington State Trooper memorial. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post about that project! Meanwhile, check out our Portfolio for other impressive vehicle wraps and graphics. 

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