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by Yuki Chan on May 12, 2020


Best Buy Floors' box truck wrap transforms the vehicle into a marketing machine and advertises the Redmond flooring company wherever it travels to. Riveting Wraps incorporated the flooring company's branding to design, produce, and execute this one of a kind vehicle wrap.

Wide Variety Of Flooring Solutions For Residential Needs

Family owned and operated Best Buy Floors is established by Miguel, a flooring expert with more than twenty-five years of experiences in the industry. Best Buy Floors prides itself on quality materials that elevate clients' properties, flooring professionals who provide the best advice and answers, and qualified installation team who delivers seamless results. The Redmond flooring company offers different styles and types of flooring that meet their clients' practical and aesthetic needs.  The flooring company's huge box truck is responsible to deliver these fine flooring materials to clients' locations for their skilled installers to adorn spaces.

Flooring Company Box Truck Wrap As Mobile Billboard


With the printed vinyl wrap covering the sides of the rectangular cargo area, Best Buy Floors' box truck's blank spaces are being made good use of as a canvas to present the company's branding, contact information, and service offerings. Drivers coming from the left, right, and rear sides of the vehicle can see the flooring company's advertising message (click to learn how vehicle wraps tap into drivers' minds during their commutes). Better than a fixed roadside billboard that passively waits for passersby to notice it and likely get ignored, mobile vehicle advertising takes the initiative to benefit from the vehicle's traveling routes in where targeted clients are located at to ensure success and effectiveness (take a look at the comparisons between advertising media and how vehicle wraps stand out to give the best values). 

"All the riveting wraps team was amazing. They made the whole process very easy for us and they handled all the hardworking. We will definitely be bringing more vehicles in the future to get wrapped."

- Miguel, Owner of Best Buy Floors

Riveting Wraps worked closely with Miguel and his team to bring their unique delivery box truck wrap to life. Our creative designer illustrated design proofs to help our client envision the wrap's finished effect. Using dark brown hardwood flooring as a background of the graphics, it not only created great contrast with the white and yellow logo and lettering but also immediately features the brand' specialty. Our team looks forward to fabricating more impressive vehicle wraps for Best Buy Floors as they grow and expand.

Service Enhancement With Custom Branded Vehicle Wrap

Just like the grooming and clean uniform of your representatives, clients perceive the appearance of the service and delivery vehicle as part of the evaluation of their service provider. As a prominent physical evidence during service delivery, a custom branded vehicle wrap forms great first impressions. Learn more about vehicle wraps in customers' journeys

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