Big Brand Makes a Splash with Dodge Promaster City Van Graphics

by Deborah Scott on June 14, 2017

D Dodge Promaster City Graphics Riveting Wrap Seattle WA-min.jpgWe don't like to play favorites...  but these graphics are sure to be everybody's favorite when they see Demitri's Gourmet Mixes' new Dodge Promaster City Van graphics rolling down the road. 

Proud to Draw Attention to Business and Brand with Vehicle Graphics

Dodge Promaster City wraps and graphics design production and installation Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpg

We are delighted that Demitri set out on a journey in mixology that would change the course of his life.  Demitri's® All Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning and Margarita Mixes sell in hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and grocery stores in all 50 states. Which means every American can have a perfect Bloody Mary every time, in no time. 

treats from Demitris Gourmet Mix.jpgBut we are not just excited for a quality Bloody Mary (THANK YOU Demitri's for the awesome care package!! :-) ), but for a business owner who is proud to draw attention to his brand where ever his team goes in their new Dodge Promaster City Van. It is just smart business.

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Impressions Make a Difference

Every time this van hits the road to call on clients and deliver samples, everyone's  eye will be drawn to this van.  According to 3M research, vehicle graphics have the lowest average cost-per-thousand impressions (48 cents) and cost the equivalent daily effective circulation ($30,000).    There is nothing comparable in terms of advertising efficiency.  You pay to wrap your vehicle once and it keep delivering impressions with no additional costs.

Promaster City Van Wraps & Graphics Bring National Brands to Local Markets

New Call-to-actionTake advantage of every opportunity you can to economically promote your brand and business in your local markets.  By doing so you are leveraging the power of a your brand to drive business growth.   See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

Beginning with vehicle graphics that have quality design, material, and installation, your commercial vehicle is ready for its marketing journey. Get some help at Riveting Wraps by calling us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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  • Dodge Promaster City Graphics Riveting Wrap Seattle WA.jpg

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