Landscape Co. Advertises with Mercedes Sprinter Van Wrap - Madison, NJ

by Yuki Chan on March 4, 2017
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Blooming Beds Landscaping is an indoor and outdoor plant care company located at Madison, New Jersey. As a young business, they need to advertise to the neighborhoods and communities they serve. One of their primary marketing strategies is vehicle wrap advertising. Riveting Wraps had the honor to work with them on the project.

Establishing "Healthy Living" Indoor And Outdoor

Riveting Wraps merecedes springer van wrap gardening service madison new jersey-1.jpgWe all know that plants are good for our health - both physically and mentally. According to research, being near plants, whether indoor or outdoor, have a wide range of benefits, including happiness, memory improvement, work concentration, faster healing, and effective trauma therapy, etc.. Blooming Beds' mission is to design, install, and maintain plants for their clients. It doesn't matter whether it is a huge outdoor space like a garden and yard or an indoor area like a home or office. They just want their clients to be living in an energetic and invigorating environment. Using the power of plants, outstanding designs, and dedicated caring, Blooming Beds strives for aesthetic pleasure that makes up quality and healthy living.

Mercedes Sprinter Wrap Blazes Trails For Growing Business

landscape sprinter van graphis by Riveting Wraps Madison New Jersey-1.jpgA typical day of a plant care specialists work would be to travel around cities to serve their clients. As a result, their service vehicles go to numerous places each day making countless impressions to passersby, their client's neighbors, and drivers, who might all be prospective customers. And remember, these places they go to are their targeted service areas! This is why vehicle wraps and graphics are effective advertisements for Blooming Beds. Their targeted clients see their vehicle graphics repeatedly and will remember them. Click to learn about the effective frequency effect. The landscape company's branding, the bed of plants, and the contact information are all the necessary contents that form an informative and meaningful vehicle graphics. Blooming Beds' van wrap leads the way that propel their business to success.

Out Of State Vehicle Graphics Project Management Experience

custom wrap for landscape company van by Riveting Wraps Madison New Jersey Seattle WA.jpgGetting to know about Riveting Wraps through our website, Blooming Beds decided to entrust us in the creation of their Mercedes sprinter van wrap.  Riveting Wraps works with clients and fleets across the country.  Although the client over a thousand miles away, we can still effectively deliver the Riveting Wraps Difference. Blooming Beds worked with a designer to come up with several vehicle graphics designs that best reflect their brand. Riveting Wraps offered our professional opinion to help them finalize the choice and to ensure that collected all the necessary design files needed to proceed to production. After the cast vinyl wraps are printed and laminated in our in-house production studio, we wrap-kitted and shipped them our partner 3M certified installer within 20 minutes of our client's New Jersey headquarters. The installation was completed professionally and efficiently.   Blooming Beds' service vehicle with brand new graphics was ready to hit the road the next day!

The Power Of Vehicle Visual Communication

Like plants, vehicle wraps and graphics add value with appealing visuals. Below is a quote from Blooming Beds sharing about their Riveting Wraps experience:

"I contacted Riveting Wraps and explained what I was looking for. They understood my requirements and responded with a solution that really worked for me. I felt that they looked out for me throughout the entire process"    - Owner Of Blooming Beds

New Call-to-actionSee more landscape vehicle graphics or sprinter van graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. Service vehicles take businesses to clients, but service vehicle graphics bring clients to businesses. Call Riveting Wraps today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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