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by Deborah Scott on August 20, 2018

Transit Bus window graphics by Riveting Wraps for Snoqualmie Valley Transit

Riveting Wraps is delighted to once again support Snoqualmie Valley Transportation with their bus graphics on their transit vehicles.  Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT) recently added promotional window graphics to promote their $1 service.

Fleet Expansion With Fleet Graphics

Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT) is a product of Mt Si Senior Center who began transportation services with help from Snoqualmie Indian Tribe, King County Metro Transit and WSDOT.  Nestled in the shadow of Mt Si, SVT provides door-to-door and fixed route service in the Snoqualmie Valley.  

Thanks to SVT's services, people can get to medical care, the grocery store, jobs, and their favorite activities and entertainment.  By connecting people with places, SVT helps people stay socially active, which in turn helps employers, local businesses, the environment and their community.   

These window graphics are designed to promote SVT's $1 fare and encourage ridership within their community.

"One-Way" Transit Window Graphics 

One-way window vinyls are pretty amazing.  They allow those on the outside of the bus to view the image and messaging on the graphics while the riders on the bus have an unobstructed view of the outside view.  

Transit bus custom window graphics with perforated see through graphics by Riveting Wraps North Bend WAWe use perforated self-adhesive window films to create see-through graphics.  A graphic is printed on the front side of the film which contains circular holes  covering fifty percent of the surface area. The viewer's eye focuses on the printed colors of the graphic rather than light passing through the perforations.

Perforated one way window graphics for transit bus wraps Riveting WrapsThe other side of the film is black to create a one-way effect (the graphic on the front side is not visible). From this side the view through the film (rather than of the film) is what you see.   The black layer absorbs more light than is reflected. 

 Perforated window graphics for vehicles Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA


Check out additional bus wraps and graphics project by Riveting Wraps here.

Another Photo of the Beautiful Area Served by Snoqualmie Valley Transit

Snoqualmie Valley Senior Center Transit bus graphics beautiful garden photo by Riveting WrapsSVT serves some of the most beautiful areas in the Pacific Northwest. With our SVT last project we included  we included a photo of Mt Si for our readers to enjoy.  This time we've included a photo of the beautiful garden cared for by the members of the Sno-Valley Senior Center - one of the stops served by SVT.    

 “Riveting Wraps did a great job of making sure that we are recognizable and look professional... Riveting Wraps understood and made it possible for us to get all of our decaling done on a weekend at our location. They are real pros and we are so grateful!”                 - SVT Director

Wrap Your Private or Public Bus or Shuttle

Is your bus easy to identify? Custom graphics and wraps make it easy for people to quickly identify your bus and navigate efficiently.  Maximize that your bus "real estate" (sides, front and rear) to create identity and promotional advertising for your business. 

New Call-to-actionA service vehicle travels hundred miles and reach several cities, communities, and neighbors on a daily basis. Don't let this marketing opportunity go to waste. Call Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com to discuss your transit graphic identification.


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