Bus Wrap Celebrates Anniversary Of Community Transit - Snohomish, WA

by Yuki Chan on September 26, 2016


Welcoming the 40th anniversary of its services, Community Transit held a special campaign to honor all the relevant individuals who took a part in contributing to the operations of the public transit authority. Riveting Wraps is extremely excited to be the vehicle graphics studio that produces and installs one of the campaign graphics on their bus. 

Tying The Community Together Through Our Daily Commute

Riveting_Wraps_bus_and_transit_graphics_Seattle_Everett_Tacoma.jpgCommunity Transit has taken on the responsibility to transport Snohomish county (excluding Everett) residents home safely and to go to school or work on time since 1976. Recorded around 10 million passenger boardings each year, the public transit engages the community, offering far more than just a convenient transportation network. 

The new "Bringing You Home" campaign celebrates the anniversary of the public transit authority and features the back stories and the roles of the different members behind the Community Transit community, such as a mechanic who maintains the buses, a dispatcher who coordinates the routes, a customer service representative who helps people use their buses, etc. The bus graphics that Riveting Wraps produced highlights a rider who looks confident and cheerful about the public transit he takes everyday. Stay tuned to the Community Transit blog to read how these amazing and inspiring people made a huge bus network possible . After wrapping the Community Transit bus, Riveting Wraps can proudly say, "I'm Community Transit and I wrap it." 

Wrapping A Bus With Meaningful Graphics

Riveting_Wraps_bus_wraps_Seattle_Bellevue_Everett_Redmond_Tacoma.jpgAfter collecting the dimensions of the wrap from Community Transit, the production of the graphics took place at our Bellevue in-house studio with wide format HP latex ink printer. When the materials are ready, Riveting Wraps traveled to Community Transit's facility to perform the installation (yes! Riveting Wraps can come to you for installation if your location fulfills these 5 requirements).

What's unique about this public bus wrap is that it requires two different types of vinyl material - the regular vinyl and the perforated window film. The regular vinyl is the layer that was applied on the body of the bus while the perforated window film covered the bus windows. This way, the porous window film enables the riders inside to see the scenery on the outside while the exterior viewers get a complete scoop of the graphics that was designed to be seen by them. To seamlessly apply both layers on the bus, Riveting Wraps' professional installers first installed the perforated vinyl as a base. Then, the regular vinyl was trimmed to fit the window frames. This is how the two types of vinyls appear to be one piece that fully wrap the bus without distorting the visuals. 

Happy Anniversary, Community Transit!

"Thanks for the well put together production."

- Community Transit

It was a memorable experience for Riveting Wraps to install a bus wrap that celebrates the birthday of Community Transit. We are pleased that you like the quality of our production and installation. Our team looks forward to be producing and installing more public transit bus wraps in the future. 

New Call-to-actionCommunity Transit's vehicle wrap is a partial bus wrap, learn about the differences of a full wrap and a partial wrap here. See more of Riveting Wraps' work in our Portfolio. Planning your vehicle marketing project? Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com.  

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