Business Air Private Jet Passenger Shuttle Van Graphics - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on August 4, 2020


Business Air, a Seattle based charter aircraft management company, contacted Riveting Wraps to design, produce, and install custom shuttle van graphics for their brand new Ford Transit 250 vehicle. 

Private Aviation For Business And Leisure Travelers


For businesses who want to have their own private jet at their disposal, business travelers who have to go on last minute trips, or well-off individuals seeking for exclusive first-class flight experiences, Business Air offers private charter services flying from Seattle, Oregon, California, and Texas. As an ARGUS Gold Rated charter operator, Business Air is entrusted by many organizations to manage and charter their aircrafts to take good care of its maintenance and to generate revenue to recoup cost of ownership. 

Custom Branded Shuttle Bus Graphics On Ford Transit 250 Van

Transit-250-Perforated-Window-Graphics-Seattle-WA-Riveting-WrapsThe Business Air vehicle graphics transformed a plain white Ford Transit 250 van into the charter airline's very own shuttle bus. On the driver and passenger sides of the van, there are vehicle decals showcasing Business Air's brand name, logo, business genre, and contact information. The information presented on the rear of the van is consistent with the ones on the sides. Instead of opaque vinyl, perforated vinyl film printed with the charter airline's logo on a white background was used on the rear window. Perforated vinyl is a material with pores that form a one-way vision allowing viewers from one side to see through while people on the other side can only see the printed graphics. Learn more about the advertising power of rear window graphics.

Business Air takes care of their passengers' transportation needs both in the air and on the ground! The shuttle van graphics provide the necessary identification to passengers. At the same time, the custom graphics promote the charter aircraft company in the Greater Seattle area it serves. Check out the five crucial contents to include on an effective vehicle graphics design.

Unique Van Graphics Representing Your Brand

By leveraging Business Air's impressive branding, Riveting Wraps' professional designer created a simple yet attractive shuttle van graphics. The design process began with our client's initial ideas on their vehicle graphics. Based on that, our designer created several design concepts that portray our client's brand image and vehicle purpose. Lastly, a final design proof was illustrated to show the finished effect of the vehicle graphics on all sides of the vehicle to be proceeded to production. Here's a review from Business Air's representative on their Riveting Wraps experience:

"Terrific working with Deborah and Tori on this project. They were quick to reply and took the extra time & effort to make sure the final product looked just right, and was what we were after. Would highly recommend working with them and I'm sure we'll be back in the future."
- Flight Operations Support Representative of Business Air

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