Community Dedicated Urban League Shuttle Van Graphics - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on March 17, 2020


Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle received sponsorship from Boeing for a passenger van and Riveting Wraps had to honor to be entrusted with the graphics design, fabrication and installation for the new Ford Transit van.

Providing Support To Empower And Benefit Communities 

"Empowering Communities. Changing Lives." Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle has been serving King County communities since 1929. It is one of the affiliates of National Urban League today. The well-established organization helps African Americans, other people of color, and disadvantaged individuals to become self-sufficient through their support program on five pillars: education, workforce, housing, healthcare, and policy and civic engagement. To nurture future generations, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle's Seattle Urban League Young Professionals Committees empowers emerging local leaders and provides them with networking opportunities through the civil rights organization's strong business and community partnerships. 

Simple But Meaningful Non-Profit Ford Passenger Van Graphics

As a means of transport for their members, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle's Ford 12 passenger van is branded with the non-profit organization's branding. The van graphics adopted a clean design of precision-cut graphics and lettering leveraging a great contrast with the original white paint of the vehicle for an impressive visual effect. All the meaningful elements on the vehicle graphics form an holistic representation of the organization.

Logo & Name Graphics: In the middle on both sides of the passenger van, there is a red symbol and lettering showcasing Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle's logo and name. The red circle with an equal sign symbolizes the ethnic equality the organization strives for and is a prominent feature on the van that entices attention.

Contact Information Graphics: Underneath the logo and name graphics are lettering graphics of the organization's phone number, website, and e-mail. These contact information enables viewers to reach out to the non-profit at ease. Learn more about the necessary information to include on vehicle wraps and graphics

Seattle Skyline Graphics: Another eye-catching element on the passenger van is the black Seattle Skyline. This graphics exhibits the organization's local ties and the Greater Seattle Community it proudly serves. To Seattle-ites, the familiar graphics give them a sense of community and recognize Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle as a prestigious institution in the community.

Boeing Sponsorship Graphics: The Boeing sponsorship graphics on the rear window of the passenger van displays the organization's gratitude to their sponsor's generosity.

The shuttle van graphics form an illustration that succinctly introduces Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle to passersby who briefly encountered with the vehicle on the road. Traveling around King County neighborhoods, the non-profit passenger van's routes fit into the targeted geographic regions the organization dedicates to serve.

Custom Vehicle Graphics For Business And Organization Needs

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