Fleet Brands with Custom Toyota Corolla Car Graphics - Concord, CA

by Deborah Scott on June 14, 2017

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Fast Water Heater, doesn't overlook their smaller vehicles when looking for opportunities to build their brand. In addition to the wraps and graphics Riveting Wraps designs, produces and installs for their large trucks and vans, we are also asked to adapt their design to their smaller vehicles like this Toyota Corolla.  

Don't Overlook Administrative Vehicles When Planning for Fleet Wraps & Graphics

west coast fleet graphics Toyota Corolla Riveting Wraps.jpgBased in Bothell WA, Fast Water Heater is ready to spring into action to help their customers,  up and down the West Coast, when they call with water problems.  

Riveting Wraps is responsible for supporting all of Fast Water Heater's fleet vehicles from Seattle to Los Angeles.  These Toyota Corolla car graphics were part of the Concord, CA fleet located just across the bay from San Francisco. 

Toyota Corolla Graphics Work Hard Too

Riveting_Wraps_national_business_fleet_graphics.jpgThe Toyota Carollas in Fast Water Heater's fleet are used for administrative travel and meeting with partners and suppliers.  In the photo on the right you can see that Toyota Priuses are also used for this purpose.  

We are excited to wrap these smaller vehicles, and not just because we love wrapping vehicles.  We enjoy wrapping these cars because we know this client recognizes the efficient advertising and marketing power of vehicle graphics.  They already know that each additional brand impression is a step toward achieving their sales goals for the year.  It's just brilliant that they don't limit that advertising to the large trucks and vans.

We Engineer Designs to Fit Different Vehicles

The first design we created for Fast Water Heater was for a large box truck.  Designing for a box truck is great because it is a large flat rectangular space.  We came up with the design you see on the truck in the photo above that delighted.  We built flexibility into the design so that it would still deliver the same branding "punch" even as it was adjusted to other vehicle types.  Later, as they added Chevy Express Vans we adapted the design to fit the vehicle by extending the image and expanding the logo.   And finally we were again able to adapt the design to the Toyota Prius and Corolla.  

Our designers have years of experience designing and hands on experience wrapping that help them understand how the graphics will appear when placed on different contours and surfaces.  In addition to adjusting for the shape of the vehicle, they also design with a plan for all the obstructions like door handles and body panels that are also unique to each vehicle make model and year.  A poorly positioned graphic over a door handle can result in an illegible logo or name.  Skilled designers and careful planning are key to a great outcome every time.

The Fleet Graphics Management For Your Business

New Call-to-actionRiveting Wraps has designed, produced and installed service fleet graphics for the Fast Water Heater fleet from Seattle to L.A. Having the privilege and experiences in working with different large-scale fleet, Riveting Wraps understands their needs and how we can better fulfill them. Our work conforms to the unity, appeal, functionality, and durability fleet managers and marketers are looking for when it comes to vehicle wraps and graphics. Check out our Portfolio for more fleet wraps and home services vehicle wraps

Spread the uniqueness of your brand around the towns and cities you serve. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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