Consistent Nissan NV2500 Painter Fleet Graphics - Redmond, WA

by Yuki Chan on February 19, 2021


The Nissan NV2500 van featured above is another one of the Lund Painting vehicles Riveting Wraps fabricated painter fleet graphics for recently. This brand new vehicle with graphics presents a credible service image to prospects and customers of the local painter. 

Painting And Vehicle Wrapping - Two Sophisticated Technical Works

Painting-Company-Van-Graphics-NV2500-Redmond-WA-Riveting-WrapsLund Painting is a Redmond based family owned painting company serving Pacific Northwest residential and commercial properties since 2006. The professional painter enhances home and business environments with pristine and perfectly painted exteriors and interiors. There are a lot of similarities between painting and vehicle wrapping. Both lines of work adorn the appearances with great attention to detail, skillful application, and a crew of experienced technicians.  

Quality Materials: Top notch materials guarantee durability and quality outcome. While Lund Painting uses name paint brands such as Sherwin Williams and Radda Paint, Riveting Wraps uses 3M and Avery cast vinyl printed with HP latex ink printer for vibrant and vivid graphics that can last. 

Preparation: The professional painting crew removes dirt and grime on the wall's surface to ensure a smooth result. This applies to vehicle wrapping as well. In addition to prepping the vehicle clean, the printed graphics had to be cut and weeded out ready for application.

Application: Patience, focus, and meticulousness, these are the qualities a painter and a wrap installer possess to deliver even paint jobs with no roller marks and to leave no bubbles trapped between the vehicle and the wrap.

Protection: Coats of paint protect buildings, houses, and even vehicles from weather damages and daily wear and tear. And a layer of graphics gives waterproof protection to the vehicle's paint surface, shielding it against abrasion and scratches. Moreover, Riveting Wraps' vinyl wraps are laminated to reinforce UV resistance and retain vibrant colors. 

All these efforts add up to create enjoyable visuals with positive influences for individuals in contact with them. Lunding Painting's van graphics drive awareness of the local painter and promote in their service communities.

Uniform Painter Fleet Graphics Signify Quality


In addition to a Nissan NV2500 van, Lund Painting also brought in their Nissan NV200 van and an enclosed trailer to Riveting Wraps' studio for service fleet graphics. These three vehicles are branded with consistent navy blue graphics displaying the painter's logo, phone number, and website URL in white text. The contrasting colors of light white and rich dark blue highlight the brand's presence whenever it is on the road or parked in the neighborhood during service delivery. A service fleet with consistent fleet graphics, like a service staff with uniforms, impresses customers with a dedicated and credible image. The design of Lund Painting's service van graphics incorporated their mission to prioritize quality and customer service. It assures customers that their properties are in good hands.

Fleet Nissan NV2500 Graphics Adaptation

Even if it is a fleet consisting of different vehicle type, make, and model, vehicle graphics can be adapted into different shapes and sizes that not only maximizes the vehicle's space but also present alike graphics as a collection. The service vans of Lund Painting are a good example.    

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Check out our Portfolio for more Nissan NV2500 van graphics and service van graphics. Your service image is an important element that speaks about your qualityGive Riveting Wraps a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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