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by Yuki Chan on February 3, 2017


In a previous post, we introduced Astoria Construction's sprinter van and its graphics. Recognizing the success of its wrapped fleet, Astoria Construction added a trailer to transport more equipment and materials to their job sites. And of course, they would not miss the opportunity to reinforce their marketing efforts on the road with vehicle graphics.

Showcase Service Offerings Visually

custom_vinyl_trailer_wraps_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgThe omnipresence of marketing messages has decreased the amount of time each advertisement has to impress their audiences. This is why marketers have been striving to diversify the media channels and visual presentations in order to effectively gain their targets' attentions. While on the road, it is certain that drivers and passersby do not want to spend a long time to stare at the information presented to them (click this post to learn more about drivers' minds during their commutes).

With the picture of a blue sky and a roof as a background on the trailer, it visually expresses one of the service offerings that Astoria Construction provides - roofing. Interesting information and graphics are necessary in order to attract people's instant interest and the background image used in Astoria Construction's trailer wrap design is definitely attention-grabbing. Not just that, the white text wrapped with a black border highlights Astoria Construction's contact information and its other services (remodeling and flooring). The construction contractor's logo is also sized proportionally to show a significant presence. 

Meticulous Brand Execution On Vehicles 

vinyl_trailer_graphics_production_for_construction_company_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgAstoria Construction's new trailer graphics is a wrap. Different from a graphic, where application only occurs on a small area of the vehicle, a wrap covers almost the entire vehicle. Thus, more skill is required for a wrap installation compared to a graphics installation. The curves, edges, and rivets on the vehicle have to be carefully dealt with to ensure a smooth finish.

  • Curves and edges: The vehicle wrap, which was originally a flat piece of vinyl, takes time and technical skills to set it in place on edges and curves. Riveting Wraps' professional installation team adopts a post-heating procedure to heat up the vinyl that allows it to adapt to its installed surface. The end product is a smooth graphics that appear to be naturally printed on the vehicle.  
  • Rivets: In this project, Riveting Wraps' installers removed the rivets off the panels of the trailer prior to vinyl installation. Quality cast vinyl was also used as it has the best surface adaptation characteristic. 

At Riveting Wraps, we believe that a vehicle graphics project can only be concluded as successful with the right design, the right quality material, and the right installation execution. Our team is confident in the quality and durability of our work because of our clients' impressive branding and our dedication to help them spread their name with the help of vehicles. 

Expand Your Fleet And Your Marketing Effort At The Same Time

New Call-to-actionWhen seeing a trailer on the road, it is inevitable for us to lay our eyes on them because it is not as common as a sprinter van, a sedan, or a truck. Astoria Construction's new trailer will be hauled by its sprinter van fleet. Along with the sprinter van graphics and its newly wrapped trailer, it strengthens Astoria Construction's branding whenever they travel back and forth to job sites and no matter where they park during operations.

A smart marketer, like Astoria Construction, would work on both its fleet expansion and marketing campaign simultaneously. Riveting Wraps would like to lend you a hand in both of these projects, contact us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at

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  • construction_contractor_trailer_vinyl_wraps_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpg
  • vinyl_trailer_graphics_production_for_construction_company_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpg

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