The Party's This Way! New Box Truck Wrap for GSR Rentals - Monroe WA

by Deborah Scott on March 11, 2017


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We are honored that GSR Rentals chose Riveting Wraps to help get word out about their rental services with their new box truck wrap.  Follow this fabulously wrapped truck and, who knows, you might end up at an amazing party! (Better yet, contact them for your next event!)

Service Fleet Is An Important Asset For Party Rental Services

custom box truck wrap installation by Riveting Wraps for GSR Rentals Monroe WA.jpgGSR Rentals, Inc. provides a top-notch party rental experience in East King and Southern Snohomish Counties. Their staff can help you select just the right items, whether you are staging an small backyard get-together, a professional business event, or a wedding for hundreds.  Started in 2002 as a party rental and event company GSR Rentals has expanded their rental services to include heavy equipment, tools, and construction equipment. 

All the vehicles in the GSR service fleet are now branded with vehicle graphics. This extends their business' marketing channels and at the same time establishes a credible image to current and prospective customers. 

Custom Box Truck Wrap Hides that Pesky Penske Yellow

20170222_111759.jpgMany of our clients expand their fleet by purchasing a used truck rather than a new truck.  This makes great economic sense.  However, the next challenge is to make that new truck reflect their brand, especially if Penske yellow is not a core color in their branding.  Check out "I Bought a Pesky Penske Yellow Truck for my Business, Now What?" or compare the benefits of both full wrap and cut graphics

GSR Rentals provided Riveting Wrap's vehicle wrap designers with some beautiful wedding photography from some of their events.  They made it easy to create a wrap design to showcase the end benefits of their services, not just the specific products and services they offer. The result is a display of a beautiful, magical event that any observer would want to create or be a part of.  

And, if the image is not compelling enough, their messaging is fantastic.  It is clean, simple and focused - logo, contact info, and short concise list of services.  Just brilliant.  They  were focused and disciplined, not temped to list all the possible products or services they provide.  By listing a few, and displaying the event, it is not a stretch at all for the observer to know that they offer everything needed to outfit such an event.  To list them all would have added clutter and distraction to a well balanced design.  Here is a simple summary of all the necessary information that should be included on any vehicle wraps and graphics.  

Riveting Wrap's Box Truck Wraps

At Riveting Wraps we do what we say and say what we do.  Here are just a few of the ways we take care of all our clients:

  • Great communication and project management so you always know where things stand and what to expect next.
  • 3M vehicle wrap vinyl
  • 3M vehicle wrap over laminate to protect the print from scratching, abrasion, and UV rays
  • Top quality HP Latex inks for vivid, true lasting color
  • Design services and proofing process designed to keep you in the driver's seat
  • Professional installation by a certified vehicle wrap installer
"From my original inquiry to picking up my vehicles the Customer Service was First Class. Riveting Wraps made it a point to stay in contact and walk me through each step as it was happening.  I Highly recommend Riveting Wraps and I can't wait to design my next truck with Deborah and her staff."  - owner of GSR Rentals

Promote Your Business with a Box Truck Wrap

Have box trucks in your business or fleet? Maximize that real estate to create a rolling advertisement for your business. 

New Call-to-actionA service vehicle travels hundred miles and reach several cities, communities, and neighbors on a daily basis. Don't let this marketing opportunity go to waste. Call Riveting Wraps at (425)368-5007 or email us at to discuss your vehicle marketing campaign.

  • box truck wrap party rentals GSR Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpg
  • custom box truck wrap installation by Riveting Wraps for GSR Rentals Monroe WA.jpg
  • box truck wrap production for party rental co GSR Rentals Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpg
  • Riveting Wraps custom box truck wrap for GSR Rentals Monroe WA.jpg

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