Custom Nissan NV Wrap for IT Services Company - Seattle WA

by Lucas Jones on August 17, 2017

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More types of businesses are discovering the positive return on investment of vehicle wrap advertising. It's not just an investment for traditional trades any more.  Check out this Nissan NV 250 wrap Riveting Wraps installed for INNO4, a technology company. 

Vehicle Wraps for All Types of Businesses

custom-Ford-Transit-Wrap-installation-for-IT-company-Lynnwood-Seattle-WA-Riveting-Wraps-2.jpgAny type of business with service or sales vehicles can benefit from vehicle wraps and graphics.  Take INNO4 for example.  Riveting Wraps has installed wraps and graphic on their fleet vehicles, like the one featured above, in the Pacific Northwest. 

Wholesale Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Riving Wraps often assists advertising agencies, designers and design firms with the production and/or installation of vehicle wraps and graphics for their clients.  INNO4's agency created the design and graphics for this Nissan NV van on the East Coast.  We are able to support both the design firm and INNO4 with the local fleet wrap installation in the Seattle Metro area.  In addition to the Nissan NV van wrap, check out these Chevy City Express vans and Toyota Rav 4's that we also wrapped for INNO4.

Quality Installation is Essential for Long Lasting Wrap

Custom-Ford-Transit-Wrap-Rear-View-Riveting-Wraps.gifIt is easy to understand that the right design for your business will be directly correlated with the advertising benefits.  The better the design the more effective it is in promoting your business.  

It is also easy to appreciate that companies that produce high quality materials like 3M, HP and Avery are going to produce high quality long lasting results.  You can count on the colors to look sharp and the vinyl to look great throughout its expected life.

What companies sometimes overlook is how critically important proper installation is to the success of a wrap. Experienced, skilled, certified wrap installers are worth their weight in gold. Many of our most valued clients originally went with the low price installer.  Unfortunately they discovered the hard way that it not only didn't save them money, it cost them money and time to get things right.  Read about one companies reaction to a bad installation here.

The rationale makes sense.  The company thinks they are acting responsibly and saving money by choosing the lowest cost installer.  After all, they've got great material right!  But after a single vehicle wrap they can see that things are not quite right.  And the less skilled installers spend a lot of time convincing their clients that the visible problems are "industry standard".   

It's OK to go with "the guy who knows a guy", but make sure you have taken a look at the company reviews, asked for some references and best of all, reviewed some of their completed work in person.

Custom Wraps for Your Service Vehicles 

New Call-to-actionWe are delighted to support all kinds of businesses and clients.  Bring on your ideas, your graphics, your vehicles and we'll be happy to help you out. 

See more Van Wraps And Graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. Riveting Wraps can customize wraps and graphics based on your vehicle type, budget, and campaign goals. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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