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by Deborah Scott on April 20, 2017

Riveting Wraps Dodge RAM truck wrap for Lynnwood Precision Door Services Lynnwood WA.jpgRiveting Wraps provides franchise fleets wraps and installation across multiple states.  Precision Door Service is an example of one of our multi-state franchise clients.  This is a company that understands that "Precision" is not just a word in their name.  They support their clients with precision and expect precision and expertise in return from their wrap company.

Precision in Truck Wraps

When your brand name includes the word "Precision" it is important that you present your business with precision.  While not every company holds themselves out as precision, we love the notion of precision in our work.  Vehicle wraps are part art and part science.  We understand that creating transparency in our business dealings and communicating clearly with our clients allows us to precisely meet their expectations. 

Here are 3 areas you should look for precision in your vehicle wrap company

1.  Precise Representation of your Brand

Franchise_Fleet_Vinyl_Wrap_Production_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgYour brand is one of your most valuable company assets.  The company you choose to work with should respect your brand and serve as a steward of your brand in vehicle wrap execution.  The very reason that you would choose to wrap your vehicles is to create a good impression of your business. Be sure the company you choose has a color management process that allows them to manage color for your vehicle graphics.  If the color of your brand needs to be precise, be sure to ask for a color proof before the final graphics are produced and installed on your truck or van.  

In addition to color, you want to make sure your brand is not altered without your authorization.  Vehicles have unique shapes and we have seen examples where a logo has been stretched or squished to fit a certain area on a vehicle.  Any such changes should be cleared by you in advance.  We recommend minimizing logo changes as alternative representations weaken your trademark rights to your own logo and may cause confusion for prospective customers.

2.  Precise Attention to Vehicle Size and Details

Riveting_Wraps_Franchise_Fleet_Dodge_RAM_Wraps_Project_Management_Seattle_Wa.jpgMake sure the company you are working with plans to survey your vehicle prior to producing and installing your graphics.  We hear stories all the time from vehicle wrap installers who receive printed graphics to install that were not designed specifically for the vehicle they are asked to wrap.  The installer is told "Make it work!"  This is definitely not precise.  Even some of the largest wrap companies skip this survey step to save money and deliver imprecise wraps to their clients. 

3. Precise Vehicle Wrap Surface Preparation

Using the best materials doesn't matter a bit if the surface of the vehicle is not properly cleaned and prepared.  If there is dust, dirt, grease or other debris on the surface of the vehicle vehicle graphics cannot adhere properly - it wont matter if it is the best wrap in the industry.    This is a problem we see most from companies that do not specialize in vehicle wraps.  While they can put graphics on a vehicle - and it will look good when you pick your vehicle up - it wont last.  It will begin to lift and curl away from the vehicle surface.  These employees are trained to put vinyl graphics down on new clean panels for signs, not vehicles that have been out on the road. 

Consistent Nationwide Branding 

It doesn't matter whether you have a fleet of one vehicle or 100 vehicles, wrapping your vehicles is a meaningful investment you don't want to make lightly.  Like Precision Door Services, take time to ensure the company you chose to work can demonstrate precision in their service.  We are thrilled to have this multi-state partnership with Precision Door Services and take pride in delivering fleet wraps that meet their precise standards.

Vehicle Wraps: A Key To Effective Marketing

New Call-to-actionIn fact, Precision Door Service and Riveting Wraps have made plans to install fleet wraps on more new vehicles across multiple states in the coming months. Being a garage door export, Precision Door Service understands that fleet wraps is a key effective marketing. Click to see what other fleet graphics Riveting Wraps helped design, produce, and install

Riveting Wraps is a brand execution expert on vehicles. We believe that a consistent fleet creates innumerable marketing benefits. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com for more information on establishing your professional fleet. 

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