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by Yuki Chan on July 23, 2019


DTG Recycling Group's custom branded truck is a rolling advocate of recycling and planet protection. The meaningful vehicle wrap on the truck is co-created by the recycling company and Riveting Wraps.

Washington State's Recycling Efforts To Conserve Resources  


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's 2015 data, Americans generated 262.4 million tons of municipal solid waste (trash discarded by homes, businesses, and institutions) equating to 4.48 pounds waste per person per day. However, only 34.7% (91.2 million tons) of waste was recycled and composted. DTG Recycling Group takes on the mission to be Washington State's recycling leader, striving to achieve zero landfill on a daily basis. Customers can bring their commodities (including mattress, cardboard, drywall, metal, plastic, wood, etc.) to any of DTG Recycling's six facilities in Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties, where the commodities are hand sorted to be recovered for as much as possible and then sent to vendors as raw materials for recycled products. To support commercial businesses and construction sites' massive amount of recycling resources, the company has a fleet of dumpster trucks for scheduled on-site collection. 

Dodge RAM 2500 Truck Wrap Sends Strong Message Of Recycling 


The Dodge RAM 2500 truck wrap of DTG Recycling marks refreshing impressions to its viewers and is embedded with many beautiful recyclable content. Blue is used as the background color of the vehicle wrap as it is DTG Recycling's brand color and a representation of our mother Earth which contains over 70% of water. On sections of the driver and passenger sides of the truck and the tailgate show vibrantly colored recyclable materials such as metal and plastic. In addition to the recycling company's branding, there are texts on the vehicle about the company's contact information and service emphasis. "Customer Focused • Planet Obsessed," this DTG Recycling vision is truly rendered and widely shared through the recycling truck wrap.

"Riveting Wraps was amazing. Out of all of the wrap shops I spoke with (4 of them) they were the most professional and responsive. They were also very nice, kept to their schedule and delivered my truck to me on time. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The job they did was very high quality, their installer is top notch. I will be using them for my other vehicle wrap needs."
- Business Development Manager, DTG Recycling Group

Dodge-RAM-Truck-Wrap-Passenger-Renton-WA-Riveting-WrapsRiveting Wraps is honored to be chosen by DTG Recycling Group to proceed with the project. Throughout the truck wrap fabrication, our team worked closely with the client to customize the vehicle wrap to their branding and operation needs. At Riveting Wraps, "The Riveting Difference" to give our clients no surprises and quality consistency in our products and services is what makes us standout. 

Impressive Everyday Branding With Custom Vehicle Wraps

New Call-to-actionWhenever DTG Recycling drives their truck, the local recycling brand gains awareness and exposure in the regions they serve. Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps and graphics is an everyday advertising media owned and deployed by the brand

Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more truck wraps and Dodge RAM 2500 truck wraps. Let your fleet vehicles take your branding along with them on the road. Give our professional vehicle graphics team a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com.

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