Ecology Power Washing Chevy Express Van Wrap - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on January 18, 2020


Ecology Power Washing sent their service vans and trailers to Riveting Wraps for custom branded fleet wraps installation. The cleaning service vehicles left our studio with a professional image to deliver services to residential and commercial clients in Seattle and nearby cities.

Power Washing Fleet Vehicles Contributing To Business Success


Getting its name known in the community is an essential first step for a new business like Ecology Power Washing. Budget constraint and the urge to achieve marketing effectiveness for business success is the dilemma many new businesses face. Ecology Power Washing leverages their fleet of service vehicles as means of service delivery, marketing, and customer relations. As a mobile business, the power washing services' vehicles are the physical element with the strongest presence to their clients as they are not required to visit the storefront at all throughout the journey.

  • Service Delivery: the service vehicles transport the cleaning technicians and the equipment to attend appointments
  • Marketing: as the vehicles travel around the community to clients' locations, the vehicle wraps raise brand awareness and promote Ecology Power Washing's offerings to the targeted prospective and existing clients
  • Customer Relations: during service delivery, the branded vehicles portray the power washing company as a reliable and well-prepared service provider and assure clients that they are in good hands

Establishing Custom Cleaning Services Van Wrap


The Chevy Express van and the 12' enclosed trailer on the right are some of the vehicles in Ecology Power Washing's fleet. All of the cleaning service fleet vehicles have consistent custom vehicle wraps that uniformly represent the Bellevue power washing business. The frequent and repetitive encounters with the identical vehicle advertisement familiarize prospects with Ecology Power Washing's brand, thus increasing the chances to be recalled and selected when they need cleaning services. With fleet expansion when the business grows, the fleet vehicles' advertising power multiplies as there are more rolling marketing machines on the road promoting the power washing services.

Chevy-Express-Custom-Graphics-Bellevue-WA-Riveting-WrapsThe addition of vehicle wrap is essential for establishing a fleet as It is the prominent indication that these vehicles belong to the same organization. Green and blue are the brand colors of Ecology Power Washing and these vibrant colors are incorporated on the fleet wrap design. The cleaning service vehicle wrap showcases the power washing company's branding and highlights to audiences what sets the business apart. For instance, blue and green are colors that mean fresh and clean and the catchphrase "The Green Way To Clean"  instantly inform audiences that Ecology Power Washing cleans with environmentally friendly methods.  

Cleaning Services Fleet Chevy Express Van Wrap

The pristine presentation of Ecology Power Washing's service vehicles speaks a lot about their cleaning quality and service dedication. Vehicle wraps and graphics dress a business for success by actively featuring the best sides of the business at all times. Riveting Wraps specializes in executing your brand in the form of vehicle marketing and managing your fleet to ensure the vehicles with your brand look good at all times. 

New Call-to-actionCheck out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more cleaning services vehicle wraps and Chevy Express van wraps. Give our team of graphics experts a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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