Exciting New Chevy Express Van Graphics For Hometown Blinds | Duvall, WA

by Yuki Chan on December 3, 2019


Hometown Blinds' 1997 Chevrolet Express 3500 service van was brought into Riveting Wraps' studio for a makeover. The plain white van is now branded with custom vehicle graphics that promote the Duvall blinds business.

New Business Embarks On New Journey With Service Van Graphics

Getting vehicle graphics on the service van is an important task for Hometown Blinds before their vehicle is ready to hit the road to deliver services. Mobile businesses such as Hometown Blinds directly go to clients' locations throughout the customer journey from consultation to installation. The service van is the means of transportation that carries the specialists, equipment, and products to perform services. Without the need for a client to visit a showroom, the branded vehicle takes on the responsibility to build a good impression with clients at the first main encounter with the service provider.

Riveting Wraps worked closely with the new blinds business to create their unique van graphics. As the first vehicle of the business, the custom graphics introduces the brand to the community during its daily commute and marks the start of new beginnings. Hometown Blinds is excited for their new Chevy Express van graphics and Riveting Wraps looks forward to fabricate more vehicle graphics for them as they expand!

"The Riveting Wraps team was very helpful and patient throughout the design process and i love how great it looks, even on an older vehicle! As my business grows i look forward to working with them on future projects. 10 STARS"

- Owner of Hometown Blinds

Easily Perceived Chevy Express Van Graphics Advertise On The Go


When designing Hometown Blinds' service van graphics, our designer ensured that the design not only features the brand elements but also appeals to its viewers which include prospective and existing blinds customers. On the four sides of the vehicle, there are attractive and easy to understand graphics with brief and succinct information about Hometown Blinds. 

Driver and passenger side door graphics: The slide door windows of the van were covered in opaque white vinyl with graphics of the three product types the business offers (blinds, shades, and shutters). Underneath the graphics feature Hometown Blinds' branding and service process (design, measure, and install). This visual presentation is quick to grasp for viewers and highly memorable. The website and phone number on the doors leave contact information for interested prospects to get in touch (learn more about the essential information to include on vehicle wraps and graphics).

Chevy-Express-Van-Hood-Rear-Graphics-Duvall-WA-Riveting-WrapsHood graphics: A simple vinyl lettering of the "Hometown Blinds" name announces the service van's arrival.

Rear window graphics: Showing several blue stripes that partially cover the rear window, the graphics are imitating blinds to promote Hometown Blinds' specialty. This interesting rear window graphics will sure to catch attention of drivers that follow after. Once again, the website link and phone number are there to encourage contact.

Less is more, Hometown Blinds' service van graphics is neat but it contains sufficient content to tell the brand's story, offerings, and character. It is certain that the vehicle graphics will achieve its goals to present a professional image and promote Hometown Blinds wherever it travels to.

All About Your Brand Presented On Custom Vehicle Graphics

Hometown Blinds' 1997 Chevy Express van is a very good example that there is a right vehicle wrap design for any vehicle regardless of its year, make, and model. And what makes a vehicle look good is the distinctive branding incorporated in the wraps or graphics applied on it.  

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