Fast Water Heater's Box Truck Fleet Graphics Update - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on July 1, 2016

2_Contractor_Services_Fleet_Box_Truck_Graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgFast Water Heater trusts Riveting Wraps to keep their fleet looking sharp up and down the west coast. Tailoring to their business needs, Riveting Wraps installed vinyl fleet graphics on Fast Water Heater's different types of service vehicles, including box trucks, sprinter vans, and sedans that provide water heater services across Washington, Oregon, and California.

Fleet Graphics Build Household Brands

Fast Water Heater has been offering a variety of water heater services since it was founded in 1986. To carry the necessary installation equipment and water heaters to its service locations, the water heater company established its own fleet. And after thirty years in the business, Fast Water Heater has become a well-developed organization that constantly experiences growth. Not only that it has been increasing its service locations, new vehicles are being brought into the Fast Water Heater fleet to keep up with the demand of its services and to align with the efficient and "Fast" service standard it holds onto. 

Vehicle graphics has been an effective marketing strategy for Fast Water Heater. In this post, you can see two designs of the Fast Water Heater fleet, the old box truck graphics that Riveting Wraps removed and the new wrap we installed. With its huge fleet traveling around town, it enables high exposure of the Fast Water Heater brand, making it a recognizable household name

Box Truck Refacing For Consistent Branding

Box_Truck_Fleet_Graphics_Production_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgA fading or illegible graphics is worse than having no graphics on a vehicle. While the latter scenario means that you are letting go of an opportunity to broaden the reach of your brand, the former causes damage to a brand's image. This is one major reason why Fast Water Heater worked with Riveting Wraps to reface the graphics on their box truck. Aside from fleet expansion, Fast Water Heater's marketing and fleet management team also created a new fleet graphics design to show a more energetic and enthusiastic side of their brand. After installing the new graphics on the new vehicles, Fast Water Heater began to implement the new design on its previously wrapped trucks for brand consistency and easy fleet management

Before actually installing the box truck wrap, Riveting Wraps' installation team had to first remove the old and deteriorated graphics. Heat and mild solvents were being used to remove the old vinyl as it became brittle due to years of aging and weathering. This procedure leaves out a clean and pristine surface of the truck ready for the new graphics. And to ensure a custom fit of the graphics on the truck, Riveting Wraps' design team adapted the design of the graphics onto a template of the truck.

A Member Of Your Marketing Team

New Call-to-actionBeing held responsible for Fast Water Heater's fleet graphicsmanagement, it is Riveting Wraps' mission to help the Fast Water Heater fleet remain in its best professional image no matter where their vehicles head to. Our Riveting Wraps team enjoys working with Fast Water Heater and witnessing the growth they achieved with the vehicle wraps we installed. 

We always consider ourselves a part of our clients' marketing team that focuses on vehicle marketing. Riveting Wraps is a qualified vehicle wraps and graphics producer, designer, and installer. Call us at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at for more information. 

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