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by Yuki Chan on October 25, 2016

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Fast Water Heater understands how invigorating (jk), frustrating it is when a water heater is not working properly. This is why their brand name, "Fast," emphasizes the speed of their services, assuring clients that their water heater emergency can be resolved fast. To quickly arrive at a clients' location, Fast Water Heater's fleet can claims a lot of credit. Riveting Wraps is honored to install branding for this outstanding water heater company's service vehicles. 

RAM Promaster Graphics

Riveting Wraps Concord CA Dodge Promaster graphics.jpgFast Water Heater's water heater maintenance, repair, installation, and management services are available across Washington, Oregon, and California. They have a large fleet with a variety of vehicle models including sedans, vans, and box trucks, all of which have vehicle graphics that represent the Fast Water Heater brand. Based on the required services, different vehicles are used to travel around the cities to fulfill different types of appointments. The sedans can be used during an initial consultations and meetings with a variety of vendors and business partners. The sprinter vans carry small size water heaters, repair parts, or maintenance equipment while the box trucks have a larger capacity that can fill large water heaters or several water heaters at once for servicing huge properties.

Fast Water Heater's well coordinated fleet is what makes their same-day installation guarantee and expeditious emergency support possible, ensuring their competitive advantage for 30 years since its establishment. Despite the different functionality the vehicles offer, the sedan graphics, box truck graphics, and sprinter van graphics all achieve the same marketing goals to promote their brand and efficient services. 

Branded Tangibles Establish Professional Image

In addition to a competitive pricing, service experts Zeithaml, Parasuraman, and Berry discovered that the service quality is what customers care about the most. There are five dimensions that can be used to evaluate the quality of services: Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness. Among these dimensions, vehicle graphics and wraps can be considered as tangibles - the physical evidence that customers encounter during their service experiences. Complemented by other tangibles, such as uniforms, business cards, employee IDs, branded lanyards, and branded receipts, the bold service fleet graphics create an authoritative image of the Fast Water Heater brand. It is also a good representation of the other four service dimensions that the water heater service company qualifies for. 

The partial wrap (what is a partial wrap?) applied on the Ram Promaster van in this project has the identical design compared to the sedans and box trucks Riveting Wraps worked on. The catch phrase, "When Your Hot Turns Cold You Better Think "Fast"," is consistent on all the vehicle graphics designs. Altogether with the running water heater man, the vivid flowing water, and messages that are highlight in red, they form visually appealing graphics that every driver and passersby will see. 

Experienced Fleet Graphics Management

New Call-to-actionCheck out the fleet wraps and graphics that Riveting Wraps helped to build. During the design process, our professional designers can create and adapt your branding onto any vehicle models and provide design proofs that allow you to envision the finished look. In production, we insist on the use of quality cast vinyl material, state-of-the-art inkjet printer, and a lamination procedure to preserve the most vibrant colors that represent our clients. Lastly, Riveting Wraps' Avery Certified wrap installers possess technical skills and willingness to follow all the necessary procedures for the installation of every single graphics or wraps. 

Riveting Wraps takes pride in the service standard we hold onto. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at to discuss about your unique vehicle graphics project. 

  • Riveting Wraps Concord CA Dodge Promaster graphics.jpg
  • Promaster van graphics northen california Riveting Wraps.jpg
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