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by Yuki Chan on July 14, 2016

food_truck_trailer_custom_vinyl_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgFor a food truck business, their vehicle is their most important asset as it is the major point and only physical service encounter for customers. This is why vehicle wraps and graphics are necessary component that will be seen on every food truck. And installing trailer graphics is one of the essential first steps that Jerry Yea, owner of Made-In-Taiwan Taiwanese Food Truck, takes, when his trailer is ready to offer services. Riveting Wraps had the honor to work with Jerry and share his vision on how vehicle graphics benefit his business. 

Custom Graphics On Jerry's Custom Trailer

Aside from the graphics, Jerry's food trailer is also customized by himself. He designed the trailer with all the necessary equipment (kitchen, ventilation, fridge, sink, and service counter, etc.) convenient for his operations and to cook the best Taiwanese style food for his customers. Shortly after Jerry's food trailer graphics were installed, he has already experienced some immediate effects of his custom made vehicle graphics:

"Trailer graphics are incredibly important. I can't tell you how many times a new customer has told me, "I saw the trailer from the street and had to stop by." I park my trailer in a storage lot that borders the Cross Kirkland Corridor. The graphics are excellent advertising, even when I'm not working!  "

- Jerry Yea, Owner and Operator of Made-In-Taiwan Food Trailer

In addition to Kirkland, the Made-In-Taiwan food trailer also travels to several other locations in Bellevue and Redmond. Be sure to check out their website for their location schedule whenever you are craving for some authentic Taiwanese food. 

Information Featured With Trailer Graphics

vinyl_graphics_for_food_truck_Seattle_WA_Riveting_Wraps.jpgThe Made-In-Taiwan trailer is red in color. The red color alone is already attractive enough to obtain people's attention. However, the role of the graphics is to help prospective drivers and passersby to identify and notice Made-In-Taiwan's presence and to enhance its brand awareness. The window clings also serve as a menu that showcase Made-In-Taiwan's signature dishes. In the following, we categorized the information that Made-In-Taiwan's trailer graphics are presenting: 

  • Product Offerings: The window clings that feature Jerry's signature dishes, such as pork belly bao and Taiwanese sticky rice, clearly state the genre of the food served on the trailer. Besides, the "Made-In-Taiwan" name itself helps make this message clear. And according to Jerry, these food trailer window clings offer great suggestions to his first-time customers. 
  • Brand Character: The red color of the trailer, the Taiwan map, and the Taipei (the capital of Taiwan) Skyline graphics show Jerry's determination to cook the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine and share the warm-welcoming Taiwan culture to his customers.
  • Contact Information: The Made-In-Taiwan website is being made into graphics and installed on the right hand corner of the trailer. This leaves contact information for passersby and drivers who did not get a chance to stop by Jerry's trailer during his operating hours to learn more about Jerry's business and the trailer's operating schedule and location. 

The Made-In-Taiwan vehicle graphics included all the necessary information that must be present on an effective vehicle promotion campaign. It also attracts drivers' attention, which are essentially an important group of targeted audiences for the Made-In-Taiwan food trailer. It is a motivational compliment to our Riveting Wraps team that Jerry has such good feedback regarding the impact of the trailer graphics we brought to life. 

Quality Assured Food Truck Graphics & Wraps

New Call-to-actionAfter working our Riveting Wraps team, Jerry gave us comments that our services are detailed, responsive, friendly, and fast. As businesses, we understand how important it is to deliver our work in a timely and professional manner. It would be such a pain and sometimes even disastrous if a promised service or product is being delayed and unfulfilled. Riveting Wraps consider ourselves an extended support team to our clients' marketing department. Check out the other Food Trucks we wrapped! 

To ensure the quality of our work, Riveting Wraps' professionally trained experts use only top notch materials and equipment. For more information, give us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at

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