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by Yuki Chan on August 1, 2016

2_custom_vinyl_trailer_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgRiveting Wraps has been working with The Catering Company to wrap their fleet with graphics to showcase their branding while they are on their way to deliver delicious meals. In addition to their delivery vans, The Catering Company uses trailers to help them deliver big orders. Always excited to help our clients, Riveting Wraps team jumped in to design and wrap this addition to The Catering Company fleet. 

Extend Awesomeness With Trailer Graphics

Riveting_Wraps_vinyl_vehicle_lettering_Bellevue_WA.jpg"We serve awesome!" This is the goal of The Catering Company where ever they go to deliver their food. This "awesome" does not only apply to customers who are about to receive their food, but also for drivers and passersby who travel past The Catering Company service vans. With the smell of delicious food coming from the delivery vans and trailers, it is extremely appealing to ravenous drivers and passengers on the road. The Catering Company's delivery van graphics and food trailer graphics yield great marketing effect, encouraging the drivers and passengers to call the number or browse the website displayed on the vehicles.

The design of both the caterer's van and trailer wraps cover all sides of the vehicle, maximizing the opportunity that The Catering Company brand can be seen and noticed. However, for any good design on any visual presentation, it has to be noted that information should not be overstuffed. Too much information is always worse than having no information. Viewers will not spend effort trying to processing a lot of information. The Catering Company's vehicle graphics design hit the nail on the head -  creating a memorable impression that effectively communicate the messages they are trying to deliver - their brand, their service offerings, their mission, and their contact information. See our Do More Than Drive blog for the do's and don'ts information and design you should include on your vehicle graphics. 

Durable Awesomeness On Vehicle Graphics

Riveting_Wraps_vinyl_trailer_graphics_Bellevue_WA.jpgAs an experienced vehicle wraps and graphics studio, Riveting Wraps knows what is required to best preserve our clients' graphics and branding on vehicles. Printing, premium wrap vinyl, and installation are the important details that reflect the quality and the durability of a vehicle wrap or graphic.

  • Printing
    Riveting Wraps' in-house HP latex high resolution printer brings all designs that were previously on screens to life. The use of latex ink does not release any toxic solvent to the environment and at the same time prints out the most vibrant colors that exactly match the design (more benefits about latex ink here). 
  • Premium Material
    All of The Catering Company's vehicle graphics are printed on premium cast vinyl. In terms of the different vinyl quality attributes, cast vinyl performs better than other available vinyl materials on the market. Cast vinyl is highly durable and can last for more than seven years.
  • Installation
    For long lasting graphics, our Avery certified wrap installer performs a thorough cleaning of the entire trailer before application of the graphics.  This ensures a clean long lasting bond and paint like finish on the final graphics.  Without proper installation, all the value invested in high qualtiy materials is lost.   Riveting Wraps' Avery Certified installers and our fully equipped studio can professionally execute our clients' graphics, presenting their branding in the most prominent way.

Consistency For A Constantly Expanding Fleet

New Call-to-actionBeing one of the best caterers in the Greater Seattle Area, The Catering Company constantly expands their fleet to meet up with their customer demands. Riveting Wraps looks forward to be wrapping more delivery vans and trailers for their fleet. When working with a fleet, our team understands how important it is to help them maintain consistency among all their vehicles. See our Portfolio for other recent fleets related projects. 

Looking for professional vehicle wrapping assistance? Contact Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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