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by Yuki Chan on April 5, 2019


The City of Bothell police department brought in another one of their patrol SUVs to Riveting Wraps for custom police graphics. These Ford Interceptor graphics displays the city police's authoritative law enforcement image.

Executing Mission With Police Patrol Vehicles

Police uniforms, badges, and vehicles are the significant physical evidence the public associates with their law enforcers.  Like Bat Man and his Bat Mobile, police vehicles carry out the heroic image of this honorable profession that safeguards our community. (Unlike Bat Man, this is the real deal)  The Bothell Police's fleet of patrol vehicles contributes to the execution of the department's mission:

"To protect life and property through professional service and a 
proactive partnership with our community.

- Bothell Police Department

As the means of transportation police officers use to patrol neighborhoods, the police graphics addition on the vehicles establishes the professional and reliable impression that connects with local citizens. 

Assuring Public Safety With Police Vehicle Graphics 


This #016 Ford Interceptor SUV and the other police interceptors in the Bothell Police fleet are highly recognizable with the iconic black and white design of a typical police vehicle. The original paint color of these vehicles are black and the white sections on the door panels are created with vinyl wrap. In addition, there are vinyl lettering and logo that state "POLICE CITY OF BOTHELL," the number of the vehicle, the emergency 911 contact, and the America flag. All these essential police car graphics elements help the public identify law enforcement help around them and generate crime deterring effect with the vehicle's strong presence. 

No matter rain or sunshine, police vehicles do not get a break from ensuring public safety. To support the vehicles' heavy duty use, Riveting Wraps produced the graphics with quality cast vinyl, latex ink printer that yields vibrant colors, and laminated the graphics to reinforce its protection against abrasion and UV. In order to present a consistent police image, Riveting Wraps strictly followed the Bothell Police's vehicle marking guidelines. 

Supporting Police Operations With Custom Interceptor Graphics

Riveting Wraps is honored to serve the Bothell Police Department and fabricate custom police graphics for their prominent police vehicles. Aside from common wraps and lettering graphics, stealth graphics are also available depending on the purpose of the police car. Check out our Portfolio to see more police car graphicsFord Interceptor graphics, and SUV graphics

New Call-to-actionLet Riveting Wraps implement your branding to create unique and impressive visual communication. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at  

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