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by Lucas Jones on August 14, 2018

Custom Toyota Tundra wrap for Greenbank Landscape Services Fleet Woodinville WA by Riveting Wraps.jpgDid you know that often the strongest branding element in a wrap design is the color?  Color is what attracts the viewers eye, even before they see your name.  We are proud to support Greenbank's site development and landscape services fleet.   Although the fleet vehicles comes in all shapes and sizes, like this Toyota Tundra for example, this company is will never be overlooked with their new sophisticated branded wraps.

The Power of a Defining Color in Fleet Wraps

Landscape Services Company Woodinville WA fleet wraps Toyota Tundra by Riveting Wraps.jpgEvery brand has its own character.  For example, Greenbank's new fleet vehicle wraps project an upscale image to fit their projects and clientele.   We worked with Greenbank to design this sophisticated three-toned green wrap that frames their beautifully scripted name.  While this was not a new brand design it is a dramatically new fleet wrap design. You can see below how a design change move a fleet from "un-noticed" to "can't miss".

If you live and work  in the Seattle area or just commute around the area you have likely seen one of these trucks before.  And with one glace  you know it's Greenbank, beautifying our communities.

Uniquely Colored Vehicles Earn Attention

Side Pro F350 Wrap before and after Riveting Wraps.jpg

 Colors can conjure specific emotions and associations for the viewer.  This natural green is the color of nature here in the Pacific Northwest.   Is a restful color that is appealing to the human eye.  In fact, this green color is associated with feelings of with peace, nature, sincerity, and freshness.   Of course this green is not the right color for every business, but for a company that nurtures nature and creates beauty, this is a fantastic association.  Check out our Infographic on the color of vehicle wrap branding to learn more.  It is pretty cool.

Curious what other companies are doing to stand out form the crowd?  Visit our Recent Projects Page to see additional examples for truck wraps and fleet wraps.  The vehicle featured in this article is a Toyota Tacoma wrap.  

Multi-state Fleet Wraps & Graphics 

New Call-to-actionMake your marketing and branding work as hard as possible - as easily and economically as possible - for your business.  With centralized graphics branding and management we can reduce your headaches and help you control quality impressions of your brand.  By doing so you are leveraging the power of a your brand to drive business growth.   See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

Beginning with vehicle graphics that have quality design, material, and installation, your commercial vehicle is ready for its marketing journey. Get some help at Riveting Wraps by calling us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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