New Fleet Wraps Transform Toyota Trucks from "Clark Kent" to "Super Hero"

by Deborah Scott on October 18, 2017

Riveting Wraps Toyota Tacoma Contractor Truck Wrap.jpg

Thanks Superman! Oops... I mean Ladder Heroes. The Riveting Wraps team was delighted to help you achieve the heroic look your great deeds deserve.    

Fleet Wraps Fulfill Brand Image

Headquartered in Kirkland WA, Ladder Heroes are ready to spring into action fighting grime one window, sidewalk, and gutter at a time.  And like all great crime, I mean grime fighting heroes, they needed to look the part.

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Consider the images of the two vehicles above. 

Your vehicles project an image of your brand whether you choose to brand your vehicles or not.  Unmarked vehicles not only blend in, but they cay also create unanticipated, negative impressions.  Here are just of few of the thoughts or feelings your customers may have when your team arrives in unmarked vehicles:

  1. You lack of confidence in your own brand and business
  2. You look unprofessional
  3. You may not stay in business much longer
  4. You may not have been in business long
  5. This may just be a side business and the vehicles are used for other activities

Learn more about the unintended consequences of not branding your fleet vehicles

Ladder Heroes' Toyota Tacoma Wraps

Riveting Wraps contractor fleet wraps.jpgJust a short time ago, Ladder Heroes was know as PNW Window and Gutter Cleaning.  Rebranding as Ladder Heroes helps them project a confident image about the great service they have been providing for years.  We were excited to help them represent that new brand and image on their Toyota Tacoma fleet trucks.  

Ladder Heroes worked with the designers at to come up with this great vehicle wrap design.  We consulted with Ladder Heroes through the design process to help them optimize their design options to best fit their needs and the requirements of a great vehicle wrap. 

Riveting Wraps's mission is to help our clients grow their businesses with great fleet wraps and graphics. So whether our clients ask us to create their designs or come to us with print ready designs, we are ready  to help.  

These truck wraps were created using Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film in a unique color to match the Ladder Heroes new branding.  Avery is a top brand name vehicle wrap vinyl manufacturer like 3M.  Avery's Supreme Wrapping Vinyls offer outstanding durability and performance, protecting original paint finish.  They have one of the broadest color and finish palettes in the world.  

Ready to Take Your Fleet from Bland to Bold

New Call-to-actionRiveting Wraps designs, produces and installs service fleet graphics from Seattle to L.A. Having the privilege and experiences in working with different large-scale fleet, Riveting Wraps understands their needs and how we can better fulfill them. Our work conforms to the unity, appeal, functionality, and durability fleet managers and marketers are looking for when it comes to vehicle wraps and graphics. Check out our Portfolio for more fleet wraps and home services vehicle wraps

Build your brand around the towns and cities you serve. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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  • Riveting Wraps Toyota Tacoma Truck Wrap.jpg
  • Riveting Wraps Toyota Tacoma Contractor Truck Wrap.jpg

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