Hourglass Escapes Chevy Sonic Promotion Vehicle Wrap - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on September 30, 2020


Follow Hourglass Escapes's Chevy Sonic to the Seattle escape room for an adventurous experience of the Evil Dead! Riveting Wraps designed, fabricated and installed an advertising vehicle wrap on the hatchback to promote the escape room and its currently featured game. 

Thrilling And Fun Activity Game At Seattle's Best Escape Room

Event-Promotion-Car-Advertising-Seattle-WA-Riveting-WrapsHourglass Escapes is all about solving mysteries. Within an hour's time, players have to solve the challenges with clues buried in the room in order to break free. There are lots of guaranteed excitements for families, friends, and corporate teams for bonding, pastimes, and team building. Hourglass Escapes has three different terror themed escape rooms, bringing their players through live events to beat against mad pharaoh, ghosts, and the evil dead.

The custom hatchback wrap Riveting Wraps produced, designed, and installed promotes the EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN™ escape room. By incorporating graphics of the evil dead, Ash Williams, and the iconic cabin, these signature elements from the famous horror fiction bring attention to the vehicle wrap and attract potential players to visit Hourglass Escapes for the game.

Promotional Vehicle Wrap Achieves Geo-Targeting Marketing For Local Business


"Great work! They made the perfect design and installed it fast!"

- Owner of Hourglass Escapes

Hourglass Escapes' red 2014 Chevy Sonic hatchback now has a new mission to advertise the local business. The vehicle wrap is a cost-effective investment that yields great marketing outcomes. In fact "Parketing", a combination of parking and marketing, allows this company to advertise and promote their business in locations with a high concentration of their target audience.  In additiona, as the Chevy Sonic travels back and forth in the Greater Seattle Area each day, the vehicle advertising serves as a mobile billboard that spreads Hourglass Escapes' name. Vehicle Wraps outperform other advertising media (including TVs, radio, and outdoor billboards, etc..) to appeal to targeted customers locally with significant number of impressions and a high recall rate. 

The local escape room's hatchback wrap is a partial wrap that covers a majority but not all area of the vehicle. On the hood, the left and right doors, and the rear window and bumper of the vehicle, there are Hourglass Escapes' logo, contact information, featured game, and taglines (learn more about the essential info to include on vehicle wraps). These coherent information and vibrant graphics form a contrasting visual with the red-colored vehicle easy for viewers to notice and comprehend. When Hourglass Escapes needs to promote a new game, they can simply change out the graphics on the rear doors and Riveting Wraps can fabricate graphics that match the ones of the front doors without affecting the graphics' holistic presentation.

Custom Marketing Vehicle Wrap Designed For Your Brand And Business


Before designing Hourglass Escapes' unique Chevy Sonic wrap, Riveting Wraps collected information from the business regarding their project objective, target audiences, and message. Based on these ideas, our designer created design concepts that were further developed into an approved design proof for production. Riveting Wraps printed the vehicle wrap with our in-house wide format HP latex ink printer and laminated the graphics for the most vibrant and durable visual results. 

New Call-to-actionCheck out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see more promotion vehicle wraps and small car vehicle wraps. Work with us to create the marketing machine that advertises for you 24/7. Call us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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