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by Yuki Chan on November 19, 2019


INNO4 Lynnwood expanded their service fleet again with two Ford Transit Connect vans to provide more responsive support to their clients. Like all other INNO4 service vehicles, the new service vans are covered with custom van wrap to promote the tech company's branding and specialty.  

Tech Service Fleet Identifies Nationwide Technology Integrator

Ford-Connect-Van-Fleet-Wrap-Lynnwood-WA-Riveting-WrapsThe green van wraps of INNO4's service fleet make great introductions of the technology company. Especially for people who are not familiar with the brand, taking a look at the tech company fleet wrap will have a good grasp of its identity. With the use of texts and graphics, it creates a communicative visual perception of INNO4. The blue cable with exposed wires reveals the service genre of the van as technology related. With INNO4's branding widely adopted on the vehicle wrap, the association becomes clear that INNO4 is a nationwide technology integrator providing different types of tech services (including data Infrastructure, cybersecurity, enterprise mobility, and audio visual) and the ways to contact the company (by phone or online). This vibrant and vivid vehicle marketing makes great representation of INNO4 and raises brand awareness in the Lynnwood, WA communities it serve. Click here to learn more about the qualities of succinct vehicle graphics.   

Ford Transit Connect Van Wrap Delivers Consistent Brand And Service Experiences


Here at the Northwest, INNO4 Lynnwood has a fleet of service vehicles ready to be deployed to perform technological installation, maintenance, and resolution at clients' locations. All their service vans have identical and consistent tech company fleet wraps to present an uniform branding throughout clients' experiences: from awareness, consideration, consultation, through the actual service delivery and even after. Some of these INNO4 fleet vehicles Riveting Wraps had the honor to install graphics on are a Nissan NV1500Nissan NV250, and the two Ford Transit Connects featured above.

National-Fleet-Wrap-Ford-Connect-Lynwood-WA-Riveting-WrapsWith the fleet expansion, INNO4 has more vehicle advertisement promoting the company. As business booms, their service capability grows with more service vehicles and their marketing efforts are reinforced with the fleet wraps applied on the vehicles. This is the cycle of business growth INNO4 benefits from their service vehicle wraps. Better than any cold call marketing, vehicle marketing yields strong advertising values as compared to other advertising media.

Professional Tech Company Service Fleet Wrap Shows Service Dedication

A custom vehicle wrap for a service vehicle is the uniform it needs to endorse its credential as a representative of the service provider. It also showcases the business' dedication and professionalism in satisfying their customers. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see more van wraps and tech company vehicle graphics.

New Call-to-actionAlso expanding your fleet? Here's two important questions to answer when getting your new vehicles fleet graphics. Discuss your project with Riveting Wraps at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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