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by Deborah Scott on August 12, 2018

Riveting Wraps Jurssaic Park Jeep Graphics Refresh Seattle WA

Check out this picture perfect Jeep - designed to the smallest detail to replicate the Jeeps used in the filming of the Jurassic Park movies.  The Riveting Wraps team was thrilled to help this Jurassic Park enthusiast put some refresh touches on the Jeep. 


Cosplay Jurassic Park Jeep gets graphics refresh by Riveting Wraps Seattle WA

This little Jeep packs a big visual punch.  When this one time Universal Studios designer came to us with his Jurassic Park Jeep for a graphics tune up,  we were thrilled to bring this fantasy world vehicle to reality.   This Jeep was perfectly outfitted, from wheels to paint color to upholstery.  We provided the owner with updated graphics for the hood and sides. 

What do you call a dinosaur that crashes his car?

CosPlay car gets updated graphics by Riveting Wraps Seattle WATypically, we carry on a bit in these articles about how trans-formative vehicle graphics can be.  Whether you are looking to market your business, promote public safety, or just have fun.  Today we bring you... stupid dinosaur jokes. (You can thank us later)

  1. Why did the dinosaur cross the road?   Because the chicken joke wasn't invented yet. 
  2. What do you call a dinosaur that's a noisy sleeper?   A bronto-snorus
  3. What do dinosaurs put on their pizza?   Tomato-saurus
  4. What do you need to know to teach a dinosaur tricks?  More than the dinosaur
  5. What do you call a dinosaur that eats fireworks?  A dino-mite
  6. What's the best way to talk to a tyrannosaur?  Long distance
  7. What do you call a dinosaur that's a loud sleeper?  A snore-a-sorus
  8. What is in the middle of dinosaurs?  The letter S
  9. What does a dinosaur call a porcupine?  A toothbrush
  10. Where was the dinosaur when the sun went down?  In the dark
  11. What did dinosaurs have that no others animals ever had?  Baby dinosaurs
  12. When can three giant dinosaurs get under an umbrella and not get wet?  When it's not raining
  13. What do you call a dinosaur with high heels?  My-feet-are-saurus 
  14. How many dinosaurs can fit in an empty box?  One.  After that it isn't empty any more
  15. Where did velociraptor buy things?  The Dino-store
  16. What do you call a dinosaur who is elected to congress?  A Rep tile
  17. Which dinosaurs were the best policemen?  Tricera-cops
  18. What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up?  A try-try-try-ceratops
  19. What was the scariest prehistoric animal? The terror-dactyl
  20. What do you call a dinosaur that crashes his car?  A Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

For the more serious stuff...  here is a helpful overview of vehicle wraps and graphics, including an economic comparison to other marketing actives, recently published by Work Truck Magazine.  

"According to a study performed by the ATA,  fleet graphics give 101 impressions per mile traveled. With so many opportunities to get eyes on your advertising, adding graphics to fleet trucks or vans can go a long way toward boosting brand recognition."

What Doyouthinkhesaurus?

Riveting Wraps cosplay vehicle graphics Seattle WA Jurassic ParkHere's what the owner had to say:

"Riley and the Riveting Wraps team did a great job producing and applying the decals I ordered! Flawless and printed out perfectly. Will be back for more decal work."

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics 

New Call-to-actionTake advantage of every opportunity you can to promote your brand and business in your local markets.  By doing so you are leveraging the power of a your brand to drive business growth.   See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

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