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by Yuki Chan on August 24, 2016

Since 2003, Key Inspection Services has inspected more than 7,000 homes in Washington. During all of the inspections, their service trucks played an important role to carry all the necessary equipment and to establish a professional image with the vehicle graphics to their clients. 

Reassured Professional Service Provider

We have learned from early childhood not to open the door to strangers or allow uninvited strangers into our homes. Even for those that are invited, such as service providers, we have to carefully verify their identity before letting them in. Uniforms, badges, employee cards, and vehicle graphics are key identifications that we all look for when a service provider comes to our door. Being thirteen years in the home inspection industry, Key Inspection Services well understands the necessity of its service truck graphics. Not only to assure others of their identity, the truck graphics also help to build an expert level image to clients, signifying that Key Inspection Services is a professional service. Aside from that, the messages on the service truck help promote and advertise Key Inspection Services to drivers, passengers, and passersby that see their service vans. 

Quality Inspected Vehicle Graphics

Key Inspection Services' service vehicle is a silver pick-up truck with a canopy. The canopy helps to conceal the tools and equipment in the and creates more space for the truck graphics. Even when the canopy is removed, the remaining truck graphics remain effective. Top of the line cast vinyl was used to ensure the durability of the graphics, protecting it from out door elements, including rain and sunshine. The vinyl graphics were designed and produced to fit precisely to the shape and size of the truck. Being Key Inspection Services' brand colors, the blue and white graphics and text create a great contrast with the truck's original silver paint. Key Inspection Services' contact information and service offerings are being well illustrated on the truck (click to see the Five Must Have Information On Any Vehicle Wraps Or Graphics). As a prospect that is currently in need of home inspection service, seeing Key Inspection Services' contact number on the rear end of the truck encourages an immediate call to learn more. 

Professional Execution Of Brand Messages 

New Call-to-actionTop notch materials and great vehicle graphics design should always come with professional installation. And a professional installation always start with the details, from prepping to finally installing. Our Riveting Wraps' professional and certified installers handle every single installation in a meticulous manner. Before the installation, we would inspect the vehicle to make sure that it is being cleaned and no dust or dirt still remain on the surface. Any dust or dirt particles will affect the adhesiveness of the vinyl materials.  Our Riveting Wraps team believes that a good installation is the key of an effective vehicle graphics. A poorly installed graphics can distort the brand message that our clients are trying to deliver. 

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