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by Yuki Chan on April 30, 2019


Landmark Roofing & Siding recently sent their trailer to Riveting Wraps' studio for a trailer graphics replacement. It is important to maintain a pristine condition of the branded vehicle graphics to uphold the professional image of a building contractor.

Detail-Oriented Puget Sound Roofing Services

As a certified roofing and siding expert, Landmark Roofing & Siding has been serving Puget Sound residential and commercial properties since 2005. The family-owned business places high values and pride in family and sets its mission to make homes safe and beautiful by offering quality services. Landmark's team of experts pays great attention to detail and put safety as a priority in their work. Their sophistication gains customer satisfaction and drives strong referrals for the roofing contractor. When Landmark Roofing & Siding drives their branded service vehicles to service locations, the professional appearance helps promote them in the neighborhoods. 

Professional And Reliable Impressions From Trailer Graphics


Integrity, professionalism, assurance, and, responsiveness, these are some of the crucial attributes customers look to when entrusting their project with a contractor. A wrapped service vehicle with specifically designed graphics featuring the business contributes to that reassuring impression for customers. Together with the van or truck that hauls the trailer, it presents a consistent image of Landmark Roofing & Siding's professional and friendly services. 

Landmark's enclosed trailer is used to transport roofing and siding materials and equipment to service locations. Clean and tidy uniforms give credibility to Landmark's crew of experts as well as the branded graphics on the service vehicles and trailers (click to learn about how vehicle graphics dress for success). Any damages, fading, or peeling off of the graphics not only affect the visual presentation of the brand but also ruin customers' perception. Riveting Wraps replaced trailer graphics for Landmark Roofing & Siding using durable cast vinyl materials printed with vibrant latex ink and laminated with a protection layer against UV and abrasion. The logo, phone number, and e-mail of Landmark Roofing & Siding are applied on all four sides of the trailer maximizing the advertising space on the vehicle.

Building Contractor Trailer Graphics Replacement

Landmark Roofing & Siding's original trailer graphics were not produced by Riveting Wraps, but our design expert was able to recreate the graphics and showed a design proof to our client to ensure that the new graphics would be a perfect replacement. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more trailer wraps and graphics and Home Services Wraps and Graphics

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