Landscaper's Nissan NV200 Window Graphics Show Quality Work - Redmond,WA

by Yuki Chan on September 6, 2016

Nissan_NV_200_landscape_contractor_van_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_Bellevue_King_County.jpgA picture is worth more than a thousand words. No matter how good a salesperson describes his/her products or services, it feels a little bit less convincing without the actual products or services shown to prospective customers. The vehicle window graphics Riveting Wraps installed for Sundance Landscaping help the contractor attract clients on the road and wherever their services reach.

A Rolling Portfolio That Travels Around Cities

Landscape_contractor_custom_vinyl_graphics_Nissan_NV_200_Riveting_Wraps_Redmond_WA.jpgAs a local landscape architect, the Sundance Landscaping team travels around the Greater Seattle Area each day to transform their clients' gardens into a relaxing environment where they would love to spend time in with their friends and families. Transporting the team, the maintenance tools, and gardening products, is a black Nissan NV200 van. Like the gardens and landscapes Sundance Landscaping design, their vehicle is also very unique with van graphics that truly showcase their gardening aesthetics.

After picking some images that best feature their past projects, the landscape contractor worked with Riveting Wraps to construct their vehicle graphics. The finished vehicle graphics design fills the window panels and the rear window with vibrantly printed photos along with three logo graphics that lies below the windows of the three sides. The high resolution graphics are very visually appealing, showing the variety and creativity of Sundance Landscaping's work (click to see more delightful gardens)

Appropriate And Effective Vehicle Graphics 

van_graphics_for_landscape_company_Nissan_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_Seattle.jpgThe size of a vehicle graphics does not dictate its effectiveness (see the difference between vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps). Selecting an appropriate content presentation format on vehicles should consider the following four attributes:

(1) Business Character: The Redmond landscape designer's philosophy aims to build sustainable landscapes that can be enjoyed for generations. Aligning with their pursuit, the van graphics Riveting Wraps produced are durable to last for years - quality material and lamination treatment that prevent fading and abrasion.

(2) Budget: The choice of a partial wrap and cut graphics costs less than a full wrap. This is ideal for businesses who only have a small amount of budget for their vehicle marketing project. 

(3) Project Goals: The landscaper vehicle graphics aim to showcase their portfolio and promote brand awareness. If a full wrap was being applied, the images would be huge and look overwhelming. In this case, graphics that are cleverly placed to audiences' eye levels and proportionally sized are the most appropriate. 

(4) Safety: No vehicle wraps and graphics should impact the operation of the vehicle. Although the rear window of Sundance Landscaping is covered with graphics, that is not any ordinary vinyl graphics. In fact, it is made of perforated vinyl, a type of window film that does not block drivers' views. From the drivers' perspectives, they cannot see the graphics at all. 

Persuasive Products And Services Promotion

New Call-to-actionThe application of contents that represent a brand on vehicles makes an impressive introduction to anyone who has limited knowledge of the promoted brand. At the same time, vehicle graphics establish a professional and reliable image of a business. See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

Beginning from vehicle graphics that have an appropriate design, material, and installation, your commercial or personal vehicle is ready for its marketing journey. Get some help at Riveting Wraps by calling us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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