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by Deborah Scott on October 18, 2016

Landscape_full_color_truck_wraps_Riveting_Wraps_Woodinville_WA.jpgAt Riveting Wraps, we call white newly leased or purchased vehicles "naked".  While being naked in public is certain to get you noticed, it is definitely not going to get your business noticed. Northwest Landscaping Services (NLS) works with Riveting Wraps to "dress up" their vehicles to be sure they get noticed on the road.

Rolling Advertisements for This Landscaping Business


As a Pacific Northwest landscaping firm, Northwest Landscaping Services takes care of a wide range of clients ranging from corporations, multi-family properties, municipal, industrial and to retail.  A quick read of their company values and a handshake with a company representative will reveal this to be the type of organization people want to work with and work for.  We are honored to be trusted by NLS to wrap their fleet trucks.   (See Ford F-150 truck wrap above)

Riveting_Wraps_Northwest_Landscape_Services_Ford_F150_truck_wrap_Bellevue_Seattle.jpgHundreds of these NLS vehicles are on the road every day creating millions of impressions for their business over the life span of these vehicles.  In addition, the fleet color and graphics create a professional impression and provide assurance to those who see there vehicles on the premises while their crews are at work - cutting, pruning, blowing, planting, and more.

Paint vs Fleet Color Change Wrap

before__after_truck_wrap_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_Seattle_Woodinville.jpgAt one time, NLS was painting all their white trucks yellow and then adding the final branding with vinyl graphics.  There are some significant advantages to truck wraps and fleet wraps that are important to take into account.

(1) Increased Vehicle Resale Value: One of the great advantages of a vinyl wrap is that it can be removed at the end of the lease term or when the vehicle is sold.  While bright yellow is an excellent color to get the NLS brand and business noticed, it is probably not the right color for other vehicle buyers.  The market value of a white truck is much greater than the market value of a yellow truck.  A properly cared for vinyl wrap can be removed with a little heat, revealing the protected original white paint underneath.

(2) Protected Paint:  A properly cared for vinyl wrap can be removed with a little heat, revealing the protected original white paint underneath. A wrap on a new, factory painted vehicle actually protects the paint from UV rays and environmental contaminates. In fact, the paint condition on a wrapped vehicle will be better then an unwrapped vehicle purchased at the same time and exposed to the same environmental elements.

(3) Minimize Out of Service Time: Companies that depend on their fleets, knows that every day a vehicle is out of service is holding them back form providing the best possible service to their customers.  Many automotive shops require as many as five days, or more to paint a vehicle and allow time for the paint to properly cure.  A full vehicle wrap can be completed in anywhere from 1-3 days - no curing time required.  

(4) Color and Branding Together: If you are having your vehicles painted, you still have a second step to add your branding and important information to your vehicle.  By wrapping your vehicles you can have a color change, along with logos and letting all complete at one time. 

Persuasive Products And Services Promotion

New Call-to-actionFor landscape fleet wraps, the application of content that represent a brand on vehicles makes an impressive entrance to anyone. At the same time, vehicle graphics establish a professional and reliable image of a business. See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

Beginning from vehicle graphics that have an appropriate design, material, and installation, your commercial or personal vehicle is ready for its marketing journey. Get some help at Riveting Wraps by calling us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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  • Riveting_Wraps_Northwest_Landscape_Services_Ford_F150_truck_wrap_Bellevue_Seattle.jpg

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