Locksmith Service Van Graphics Present Reliable Image - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on May 23, 2017

Washington Locksmith Dodge Caravan Graphics by Riveting Wraps Seattle WA

Washington Locksmith entrusted Riveting Wraps to brand their Dodge Caravan service van with vehicle graphics. The new graphics support locksmith's daily operation during commute and service delivery.

Locksmith Service Vehicles Deliver Prompt Services

Custom Dodge Caravan Graphics for Washington Locksmith by Riveting Wraps Seattle WA

For locksmith services, their service vehicles are as important as their storefront. Like Washington Locksmith, they are always on-the-go delivering scheduled services and answering customers' calls for inquiries and emergency lockout rescues. To customers, the locksmith's service vehicle is their "store front" since the convenience of the service does not require customers to visit a store. With just a simple phone call, a locksmith will be at your service. This convenience and quick response are made possible by a locksmith's fleet of service vehicles.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are valuable and necessary addition to locksmith service vehicles. Customers rely on the branded service vehicle along with uniforms and badges to identify the locksmith. The locksmith vehicle graphics shows an authoritative image that gains customers' trusts. A branded service vehicle also displays the professionalism regarding service quality. Moreover, the branded graphics helps advertise locksmith services as the service vehicles travel around the areas it serve.

Dodge Caravan Van Graphics Advertises On Multiple Sides

Dodge Caravan Graphics for Washington Locksmith by Riveting Wraps Seattle WA

The hood, the driver's side, the passenger's side, and the rear window of Washington Locksmith's Dodge Caravan service van have custom vehicle graphics representing the brand. All four sides of the van have identical logo and lettering graphics showcasing the locksmith's logo, tagline "Locksmiths You Can Trust One Call Away," and contact number. Drivers, passengers, and passersby coming from different angles can see Washington Locksmith's branding no matter the van is on the road or parked. This multiplies the advertising value of the vehicle graphics as compared to a double-sided billboard or any two dimensional print advertisements such as newspaper, computer screen and magazines.

Custom Dodge Caravan Rear window graphics for Washington Locksmith By Riveting Wraps Seattle WAThe logo and lettering graphics on the vehicle body panels are made of quality printed cast vinyl. Riveting Wraps' certified installer applied the van graphics with precision to prevent abrasion and edge peeling. A perforated window film with Washington Locksmith's branding was applied on the rear window of the service van. While viewers only see the advertising message, the driver has a clear view to the road. There are perforations in the window vinyl material to enable a one-way see-through effect. In Washington State, rear window graphics that are transparent and do not obstruct the driver's view is permitted. 

Custom Locksmith Vehicle Wraps And Graphics

According to Trucking Info, vehicle graphics create 101 impressions per mile on average. Imagine the number of miles a locksmith service vehicle go on a daily basis and then the number of impressions it can possibly create. Each of these impressions can be developed into a potential customer with repeated encounters and exposuresCheck out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more home services vehicle graphics, van graphics, and service vehicle wraps

New Call-to-actionProfessional home services benefit from branded vehicles to instill confidence in customers. Get started by giving Riveting Wraps a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com.

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