Lowe's Advertises with Box Truck Graphics - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on January 4, 2017

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Vehicle graphics deliver marketing messages of all types.  The Lowe's on Northup Way Bellevue is hiring drivers. To get the word out, they worked with Riveting Wraps to install vinyl lettering on the rear of their box trucks. 

National Fleet Supports Convenient Shopping Experience

vinyl advertising on vehicles and box trucks Riveting Wraps Bellevue  Seattle WA.jpgCarrying a wide selection of hardware, paint, tools, furniture, and many other home improvement materials and equipment in its spacious stores, Lowe's offers a one-stop home improvement shopping experience. The big box retail chain also delivers for the convenience of its customers. As a national retailer, Lowe's operates and manages a professional and large-scale fleet that works inter- and intra-states to deliver shipments to stores and customers. Stocking up store shelves and fulfilling customers' orders in a timely manner, these cannot be made possible without the well-coordinated fleet and the responsible drivers behind the wheels. 

While the box trucks commute between different cities and states day and night to transport and distribute merchandises, they simultaneously advertise for the home improvement retailer brand. A huge box truck on the road always make a prominent presence that is hard to ignore. Check out what's on drivers' minds during their commute! When people glance at the truck, that moment creates an effective and memorable advertising opportunity (imagine the number of Lowe's vehicles on the road each day and the number of daily impressions they generate!). 

Box Truck Lettering As Cost-Effective Hiring Ad

The abundant blank space on the body of a box truck enables it to be transformed into a giant moving billboard. Usually white in color, the truck creates a great contrast with Lowe's signature house-shaped blue and white logo. Being a highly recognizable household brand, a neat and simple designed vehicle graphics is sufficient for Lowe's to reinforce its brand awareness. Updating information on the trucks would be easy and at a low cost, just like how Lowe's Bellevue added a convincing hiring message with vinyl lettering. At the same time, the box truck graphics facilitate fleet managers to easily identify their vehicles. 

vinyl lettering for box trucks Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA.jpgRiveting Wraps added the phrase "Now hiring drivers at our Bellevue location" on the rear of three Lowe's Bellevue box trucks. Arranged in different locations to fit between the pre-existed graphics, the red letterings are appropriately sized and legible to be seen from a distance. Interested applicants will know the next steps they can take as the contact information (phone number and website) are stated above or below the hiring message. This hiring advertisement is certain to be effective and inducing a pool of candidates for Lowe's Bellevue. This is because the box trucks drive around the targeted geographic region, thus ensuring the correct audiences will be learning about the message. 

The Advertising Power Of Fleet Graphics

Always keep in mind that a fleet can multitask. Delivering, transporting, servicing, and advertising, a fleet can do it all! See more fleet graphics and box truck graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. 

New Call-to-actionVehicle wraps and graphics are designed to be flexible to precisely and vividly present your brand. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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