McDonald's Unique Event Marketing With Food Truck Wraps - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 25, 2016

2 mcdonalds food truck wrap riveting wraps bellevue Seattle WA.jpgThe McDonald's French Fry Truck made its first appearance at the Seattle Sounders Game in March of this year. This unique food truck with a Pacific Northwest theme is part of McDonald's recent local marketing campaign. Working closely with McDonald's national promotional agency, Riveting Wraps was thrilled to produce and install this unique food truck wrap. 

Impressive Local Event Marketing Campaign

The Seattle Sounders Game was just the first stop for the McDonald's newly wrapped french fry truck. Appearing at different events and festivals around the Pacific Northwest, such as the Daffodil Festival and the Washington State Fair, the food truck will be driving in parades and serving fresh hot fries. As if the smell of delicious hot golden fries alone was not enough, the graphics on the truck will sure to create excitement to people at the festivals and gain their attention. The graphics of this truck wrap is made of two layers: a custom printed and laminated vinyl wrap that shows a forest of the ubiquitous Pacific Northwest evergreen trees and changeable graphics customized for each event or festival that the truck is attending. 

Innovative Vehicle Marketing Solution

To accommodate McDonald's objective to be able to constantly change their graphics based on events, our Riveting Wraps team came up with an innovative solution. Originally, McDonald's planned to apply magnetic graphics on their truck, so they could be removed and applied when needed. However, the promotions company quickly discovered that the truck body is not made with magnetically receptive metal (ie. steel).  That did not stop Riveting Wraps.  Riveting Wraps proposed an innovative material, known as "rubber steel", a thin rolled flexible rubber based material that contains steel flecks inside. This would be the ideal material to create the magnetic reception areas needed for the magnetic changeable graphics. 

After installing the background vinyl wrap, Riveting Wraps' installation team wrapped the rubber steel panels to match the truck wrap for camouflage and then applied them on the designated sections that McDonald's wanted for the changeable magnetic graphics. With this creative vehicle wrapping method, it makes it easy for McDonald's to manage their local events marketing campaign. The changeable graphics can easily be taken on and off as needed so there is no out of service time for the truck to be re-wrapped each time. 

Quality Materials And Quality Services

New Call-to-actionAll wraps and graphics Riveting Wraps produced are made of top-of-the-line 3M laminated vehicle cast vinyl. The vibrant colors on the wraps are printed with our in-house high resolution HP printer with non-toxic and environmentally friendly latex ink. The layer of lamination on the vinyl extends its durability and enhances the resistance on wear and tear from prolonged rain and sunshine. 

Riveting Wraps offers professional design, production, installation, and project management services for our clients to help them fulfill the goals of their vehicle marketing campaigns. We assure our clients that their vehicles are in good hands by allowing them to witness every part of our process any time they want. For more information, give us a call (425) 368-5007 or email us at

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