McDonald's Food Truck Wrap On Big Mac Giveaway Mission - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on January 30, 2017

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Last year, Riveting Wraps produced and installed unique Pacific Northwest themed graphics and wraps for the McDonald's food truck that was on a tour to travel around local events and festivals to engage with neighborhoods and communities. Kicking off 2017 with a new product launch campaign, the fast food giant decided to give the food truck a new look. Riveting Wraps is excited to be the food truck's vehicle graphics installer again.

Diversify Offerings In Reaction To A Dynamic Market

Riveting Wraps food truck wraps Seattle WA.jpgBig Mac is one of McDonald's classic menu items. However, according to research, only one-fifth of millennials had tried one. As a turnaround action to revive customer's love for the famous sandwich that was invented 50 years ago, the fast food chain re-launches the burger with two new size options: the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac

Special Marketing Campaign To Reach The Targeted Demographic

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As part of this big re-launch, McDonald's organized events to give out free Big Mac Special Sauce at its locations and even free Mac Jr. late night giveaways from the food truck that Riveting Wraps worked on. Stay tuned to McDonald's NW Tweeter handle and the radio for any upcoming giveaways! This promotion strategy enables the national fast food chain to appeal to the younger demographic - the 75.4 million millennials that make up 23% of the U.S. population. According to Big Think, an online publication, millenials are referred to as the "food truck generation," indicating that they are likely customers of the mobile restaurants. In addition, statistics have proven millennials as late night diners. McDonald's food truck marketing indeed stands a chance to rebrand the iconic fast food brand as a "modern, progressive burger company," an organization goal shared by McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbook.

One Food Truck Wrap That Does Multiple Promotions

Riveting Wraps McDonald's food truck vinyl graphics Seattle WA.jpgRiveting Wraps assisted McDonald's promotion food truck to get ready by producing and installing vehicle wraps and graphics. Using quality cast vinyl material laminated for an enhanced durability, the vehicle marketing wrap is formulated with two layers. First, a layer of gloss finish black vinyl was applied to wrap the whole vehicle. Next, food truck graphics were added to fill promotional contents and the McDonald's branding.

McDonalds Food truck black vinyl wrap Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpgWhen the food truck hit the road for pop-up promotions, the simple yet eye-catching vehicle wrap allows viewers to instantly recognize it as a McDonald's food truck. The vehicle is also equipped with a multi-media system of a large screen and speakers which commercials about the Big Mac trio can be played. A small logo with the phrase "GET THE APP" on the side and the rear of the food truck advertise for the McDonald's mobile application. Lastly, the rear of the food truck is dedicated to promote the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), a charitable organization that partners with McDonald's to offer support and assistance to families and children. Overall, this food truck multi-tasks to serve delicious new menu items, advertise for a meaningful charity, and establish a social responsible image for the fast food brand. 

Vehicle Marketing Solution Tailored From Campaign Goals

New Call-to-actionVehicle marketing is an effective channel that facilitates marketers to accomplish their marketing campaign goals. The mobility of a vehicle generates countless impressions a day. In fact, McDonald's fast food truck would probably encounter with the 25% of drivers who are thinking about food during their commutes. Click to see more Riveting Wraps' works on food truck wraps and catering vehicle wraps

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