Merecedes Sprinter Delivery Van Graphics on the Road in Force - Washington & Oregon

by Lucas Jones on August 23, 2017

Mercedes Sprinter Van wraps by Riveting Wraps.jpgDelivery Force promises to "deliver excellence, one package at a time". That is such a fantastic mission and perspective.  Like Delivery Force, we understand that each project we do is uniquely important to our customers.  We take pride in delivering vehicle wrap and graphics excellence, one vehicle at a time.  We are grateful to be working with Delivery Force on their delivery fleet that now delivers both packages and branding excellence. 

Vehicle Graphics Reflect a Fast, Bold, Contemporary Delivery Business

Delivery Force has a remarkable logo.  It is dynamic, conveys their service, and interestingly, leverages colors similar to's branding colors - a nice nod to their role with Amazon deliveries.  And we know those colors well.  Our founder, Deborah Scott, introduced the logo back in 2000 while heading up global brand marketing for  

delivery van graphics Merecedes Sprinter van Riveting Wraps.jpgColors aside, this is a strong brand that speaks for itself.  The addition of the bold, cropped "DELIVER" on the sides of the vans represents a company that is smart, fast and bold in how they take care of deliveries.  This is an excellent example tight, powerful, well positioned branding.  It's clean, simple and direct.  This is a company and brand you can trust. 

Graphics Installer's Attention To Detail Matters

quality wrap with knifeless tape Riveting Wraps Seattle WA.jpgWhen choosing a vehicle wrap company, you want to make sure they care as much about caring for your assets (vehicles) as you do.  Cutting vinyl on the vehicle puts your vehicle at risk.  

We follow the best practices for vehicle wraps and graphics installation including high quality vinyl, laminating all printed graphics, 5 step cleaning process, and a clean controlled temperature facility. At Riveting Wraps, we use knifeless tape to create the perfect edge. See photo above of our installer using knifeless tape to safely create the crop line in the graphics.  Learn more about knifeless tape here.  Knife tape or knifeless tape (don't think about it too hard or it will drive you nuts)  is a simple product that really makes a difference.  If you are choosing between wrap companies, be sure to ask how they trim edges on the graphics they install.  

Mercedes Sprinter Graphics that Satisfy

Delivery Force is very happy with their Riveitng Wraps experience. Below is a quote from the Delivery Force Director of Operations: 

"My experience with the Riveting Wraps team was amazing. They not only provided great customer service, but an incredible finished product. I look forward to future projects with them."

                                  - Director of Operations, Delivery Force

Our Clients' Acheive Goals With Vehicle Wraps

New Call-to-actionAt Riveting Wraps, we have a "no surprise" policy, but we also take great delight in amazing our clients by transforming their vehicles visually and functionally. We offer vehicle graphics support to our clients to help them make the most of out their vehicles.  According to the IHS, an research and analysis organization, there are more than 12.6 million of commercial vehicles in the United States. What if all these vehicles can be turned into an effective tool, giving a hand to fulfill the other business goals such as expansion, promotion, or making a brand well-known? This adds so much value to the vehicle, an investment already made. 

Riveting Wraps believes you and your team can do so much MORE THAN DRIVE. Let us help your vehicles add value with custom vehicle wraps that match your brand and your goals. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at 

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