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by Lucas Jones on March 13, 2018


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Harmony Meadows Puppies.jpgThey came with a van... and PUPPIES!!  When the Harmony Meadows owners arrived at our studio with their Mercedes Sprinter shuttle van ready for their new branding wrap, out tumbled three of the cutest puppies ever.  And these adorable pups are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the wonderful experiences Harmony Meadows creates for their guests.  Our clients are so awesome.   

Guest Transportation Services Make Recreation Time Even More Relaxing

Harmony Meadows.pngJust look at this place!  It is beautiful - and they offer the sweet things in life:  Weddings, Events, Tennis, Education, Catering, Bed & Breakfast, Brewery, and  did I mention the puppies.  The new Mercedes Sprinter Shuttle van will help their guests relax and enjoy their time away in the beautiful Cascade Mountains.  

Shuttle services are an appreciated hospitality "difference makers" for a great guest experience for out-of-towners.  Providing a shuttle service can alleviate the stress of guests navigating on their own, while allowing them to fully enjoy weddings and events with drinks, dancing, and other celebrations. Guests can arrive together and on time, and ease of a shuttle service can be a high-end detail they will never forget.   The well branded shuttle van will also help Harmony Meadows serve their mission to encourage children to be active and learn a social sport that can carry them through the rest of their life.  Besides teaching tennis, they provide after-school and mentoring programs for students to learn business operations, music, and arts.

Custom Branded Wraps for Shuttle Vans

Riveting Wraps custom wraps for Sprinter Vans Seattle Bellevue WA.jpgBy wrapping their new Mercedes Sprinter, Harmony Meadows is able to help support their mission and service their local and under-served community.  

1) Transport guests for on site and community events and outings.

2) Provide after school transportation for kids from the local schools that lack adequate tennis facilities for their teams.

3) Promote their local business with sophisticated branded graphics that create a premium, well branded impression.

Riveting Wrap's Sprinter Van Graphics

At Riveting Wraps we do what we say and say what we do.  Here are just a few of the ways we take care of all our clients when it comes to shuttle van wraps or any type of commercial vehicle wrap project:

  • Great communication and project management so you always know where things stand and what to expect next.
  • Premium vehicle wrap vinyl
  • Premium vehicle wrap over laminate to protect the print from scratching, abrasion, and UV rays
  • Top quality HP inks for vivid, true lasting color
  • Design services and proofing process designed to keep you in the driver's seat
  • Professional installation by a certified vehicle wrap installer

Wrap Your Private or Public Bus or Shuttle

Is your bus easy to identify? Custom graphics and wraps make it easy for people to quickly identify your bus and navigate efficiently.  Maximize your bus "real estate" (sides, front and rear) to create identity and promotional advertising for your business. 

Check out these other recent projects we completed for shuttle vans including Pacific Regent and Snoqualmie Valley Transportation.

New Call-to-actionA service vehicle travels throughout your service area on a daily basis. Don't let this marketing opportunity go to waste. Call Riveting Wraps at (425)368-5007 or email us at to discuss your vehicle marketing campaign.

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  • custom printing and laminating for premium commercial sprinter van wraps and graphics Riveting Wraps.jpg
  • Riveting Wraps custom wraps for Mercedes Sprinter van for Harmony Meadows Seattle Bellevue WA.jpg
  • Riveting Wraps custom wraps for Sprinter Vans Seattle Bellevue WA.jpg
  • Riveting Wraps mercedes sprinter van graphics for Harmony Meadows Tennis Center.jpg
  • Riveting Wraps mercedes sprinter van wrap for Harmony Meadows Seattle Bellevue WA.jpg

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