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by Yuki Chan on December 17, 2019


Business is booming for Monarch Landscape and Riveting Wraps is honored to celebrate this success with them with new vehicle graphics for their expanded fleet. The boom truck featured above and a chipper truck are the newest vehicle addition to the landscape fleet.

Vehicles As Important Tree Service Equipment 

Freightliner-Truck-Door-Decals-USDOT-Redmond-WA-Monarch-Riveting-WrapsMonarch Tree Services is a subsidiary of Monarch Companies, a horticulture specializing organization that owns several landscaping companies operating in different states including Washington, Oregon, and California. NLS Landscape Management & Design is another business under the Monarch umbrella and Riveting Wraps has been branding their landscaping fleet as well.

Impressive, fresh, and soothing branding on landscape service vehicles lays a strong foundation of bonding client relationship with the brand. Landscape clients' journey begins with one phone call/message away from their online search result or advertisements they encountered on paper, radio, TV, or even vehicle graphics like the ones on Monarch Tree Services' boom truck. Showing up at clients' locations with a branded service vehicle affirms and reinforces that professional impression previously established during consideration and decision stages.

Custom Branded Landscape Boom Truck Graphics

Boom-Truck-Logo-Decals-Redmond-WA-Monarch-Tree-Service-Riveting-WrapsAlthough a boom truck does not have the ordinary box-like truck bed that provides great space for easily noticeable and focused branding, Monarch Tree Services' boom truck graphics design has made good use of the vehicle's spaces and maximized the potential of effective branding on it. On both doors of the truck cab, there are the tree services' logo, the truck number, and USDOT number. According to the United States Department of Transportation, it is mandatory for commercial vehicles that transport passengers or cargoes interstate to have and display the USDOT number. 

Even with just a glimpse on Monarch Tree Services' boom truck, audiences will immediately be aware of their specialty as tree management professionals. Custom graphics on the boom bed, arm, bucket, and cabinet doors show details about the tree services, its 24-hour on call service, storm and hazard response, and credential as Certified Arborist (tree surgeon), etc.. 

Landscape Fleet Graphics Management

New Call-to-action

Regardless of vehicle make and model, all Monarch Companies' fleet vehicles have one thing in common - consistent vehicle graphics presenting an uniform branding. To existing and potential customers, the consistent brand impressions are associated with the consistency of excellent and quality service delivery they receive. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more landscape vehicle graphics and truck graphics.

Need professionals to take care of your fleet's graphics and branding? Let the expert team at Riveting Wraps help you. Call us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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