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by Deborah Scott on February 20, 2018

snoqualmie valley transit graphics by Riveting Wraps North Bend WA Bellevue WA.jpgRiveting Wraps is delighted to support Snoqualmie Valley Transportation with their bus graphics on their transit fleet vehicles.  Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT) recently added branding to the front of their fleet.  Many would argue that front-of-vehicle identity graphics are the most important graphics on a transit vehicle.  (see more below)

Fleet Expansion With Fleet Graphics

Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT) is a product of Mt Si Senior Center in North Bend who began these services in 2003 with help from Snoqualmie Indian Tribe, King County Metro Transit and WSDOT.  Nestled in the shadow of Mt Si, SVT provides door-to-door and fixed route service in the Snoqualmie Valley.  

 “Our little buses travel all over the Valley from North Bend, Snoqualmie, Fall City, Preston, all the way to Carnation, Duvall and Monroe. Everywhere we go, we want people to know that it’s us and to feel safe. The best way to do this is to make our vehicles as visible and easy-to- identify as possible. Riveting Wraps did a great job of making sure that we are recognizable and look professional.

It was great how much care and time they took to make sure that our logos were done just right. We are a little nonprofit and don’t have the staff or funding to be running our buses all the way into town one at a time. Riveting Wraps understood and made it possible for us to get all of our decaling done on a weekend at our location. They are real pros and we are so grateful!”

- Amy Biggs, SVT Director

We at Riveting Wraps are also glad for what this little company does.   Thanks to SVT's services, people can get to medical care, the grocery store, jobs, and their favorite activities and entertainment.  By connecting people with places, SVT helps people stay socially active, which in turn helps employers, local businesses, the environment and their community. 

SVT has an amazing crew that enjoy working together and take pride in serving their community.  There is no question that when Riveting Wraps works with organizations with heart, it makes our spark burn brighter too.  

Transit Identification Graphics 

custom bus graphics for snoqualmie valley transit Riveting Wraps North Bend WA.jpgWhen it comes to shuttle vans, buses, or any type of transit vehicle, there are two pieces of information that matter most. 

  1. Transit Identification
  2. Bus or Route Number

Transits Identification is easily number one.  Shuttle or smaller transit services are often serving the elderly or infrequent riders.  The objective of the transit service is to get the rider/passengers from point "A" to point "B".  And they want to make it easy to do. 

Identification or branding graphic on the front of the bus makes it easy for a curbside passenger to identify or recognize the bus as it approaches.  Improper or insufficient identification can result in missed rides and connections and higher rates of rider anxiety. 

After identification, a route or bus number displayed on the front or side of the bus can help waiting riders identify and climb aboard the correct bus to reach their destination. 

Of course the super friendly SVT drivers are always ready to help their riders navigate the service.  But proper graphics make it easier for passengers to feel secure, capable and independent with their transportation needs. 

Public transit bus wrap.  Check out additional bus wraps and graphics project by Riveting Wraps here.

SVT Transit Logo Graphics

2 NB - MTSI.jpgSVT has a remarkable logo.  It was designed by a member of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe.  The mountain goat in the logo is a representation/totem for
Elders, which is perfect for a service that works to make sure that local
seniors can avoid social isolation. It is also great for the area since there are mountain goats that live on the craggy slopes Mt Si and neighboring mountains surrounding the Snoqualmie Valley.  This is one of the most beautiful areas in the Pacific Northwest so we've included a photo of Mt Si for our readers to enjoy.  

Wrap Your Private or Public Bus or Shuttle

Is your bus easy to identify? Custom graphics and wraps make it easy for people to quickly identify your bus and navigate efficiently.  Maximize that your bus "real estate" (sides, front and rear) to create identity and promotional advertising for your business. 

New Call-to-actionA service vehicle travels hundred miles and reach several cities, communities, and neighbors on a daily basis. Don't let this marketing opportunity go to waste. Call Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at to discuss your transit graphic identification.


  • custom transit bus graphics by Riveting Wraps Snoqualmie North Bend Bellevue WA.jpg
  • custom transit bus graphics by Riveting Wraps.jpg
  • snoqualmie valley transit graphics by Riveting Wraps North Bend WA Bellevue WA.jpg
  • custom bus graphics for snoqualmie valley transit Riveting Wraps North Bend WA.jpg

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