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by Deborah Scott on September 20, 2018

New Wrap Design for Bothell Police Interceptor Sedans by Riveting Wraps Bothell WA.

The Bothell Police department has a new look for their fleet vehicles.  When the City of Bothell contacted us to create a high impact design for their expanding fleet, we were thrilled to take on the challenge.  This Police Interceptor sedan projects authority and professionalism everywhere it goes.  The presence of this vehicle makes the community safer.

Police Vehicle Graphics - Not Just Icing on the Cake

Police Interceptor designs and wraps by Riveting Wraps Bothell Police Department Bothell WA

Modern police vehicles are a lot more than basic transportation.  They are highly sophisticated, connected and integrated pieces of equipment.  Here are just some of the types of equipment that might be out fitted in today's police vehicle.

  • Computer systems (laptops, tablets, touch screen displays)
  • Printers and bar code scanners
  • Modems
  • Keyboard and mount
  • Two-way radio, sometimes multiple radios and external speakers
  • Video systems with chargers for remotes
  • Bodycam chargers
  • Lighting controls and siren
  • Flashlight w/charger
  • Partition
  • Radar antennas and display
  • Microphones

While the graphics are not functional in the same way an on board computer system is, they are an essential part of the vehicle that aids a police officer in doing their job.   Well marked police vehicles are easy for citizens to identify and promote public safety, a fundamental tenant of a police department's mission.

Looking to outfit your police cars with a complete set of graphics. Take a look at The 7 Essential Elements for Police Car Graphic Designs.

Police Vehicle Graphics for Identification from the Sky

While the black and white design makes for easy identification on the ground, police vehicle sometimes need to be identified from above.   Riveting Wraps produced vehicle identification numbers for the top of each vehicle so that each vehicle can be easily identified and referenced from the sky.  For situations that require police helicopters, this identification is essential in a well coordinated plan of action.  

Police Interceptor Helecopter ID numbers for police vehicles by Riveting Wraps Bothell WA

Premium Vehicle Wrap Vinyl - Designed to Last

When choosing a vehicle wrap company, you want to make sure they care as much about your assets (vehicles) as you do.    We use premium long term vehicle wrap vinyl with a premium long term vehicle wrap over laminate that are designed to last. 

Police Interceptor graphics design and wrap for new Bothell Police Department by Riveting WrapsWe follow the best practices for vehicle wraps and graphics installation including high quality vinyl, laminating all printed graphics, 5 step cleaning process, and a clean controlled temperature facility.

A Police Interceptor Wrap Designed to Be Seen

New Call-to-actionAt Riveting Wraps, we have a "no surprise" policy, but we also take great delight in amazing our clients by transforming their vehicles visually and functionally. We offer vehicle graphics support to our clients to help them make the most of out their vehicles.  

Riveting Wraps believes you and your team can do so much MORE THAN DRIVE. Let us help your vehicles add value with custom vehicle wraps that match your brand and your goals. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at 

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