Nissan NPR Cabover Truck Wrap Adds "Grass Roots" Branding in Portland

by Deborah Scott on April 11, 2017

Portland OR Riveting Wraps Isuzu crewcab wrap for Landscaping company.jpgWe are wrapping more "bumblebee" yellow trucks for Northwest Landscape Management and Designs vehicles before they get busy beautifying large corporate campuses and multi-resident developments in the greater Portland area.  The well branded, unique yellow color of Northwest Landscape Management and Design (NLS) lets those who encounter NLS workers know the landscape professional are here.

Custom Nissan NPR Truck Wraps Create Security and Identity


As a Pacific Northwest landscaping firm, NLS takes care of a wide range of clients ranging from corporations, multi-family properties, municipal, industrial and to retail.  This is the type of highly professional landscaping organization people want to work with and work for.  We are honored to be trusted by NLS to wrap their fleet trucks.

color change wrap and branding for Isuzu crewcab in Portland OR Riveting Wraps.jpgrear view of Isuzu crewcab wrap Portland OR Riveting Wraps.jpg 

Hundreds of NLS's fleet vehicles are on the road every day creating millions of impressions for their business.  In addition, the fleet color and graphics create a professional impression and provide assurance to those who see the vehicles and crew on the premises - cutting, pruning, blowing, mowing, planting, and more.

Why Fleet Color Change Wrap Is  Better Option Than Painting

Isuzu crewcab truck wrap by Riveting Wraps Portland OR.jpgMost people who see these wrapped vehicles assume they are painted.  It can be hard tell the difference.  It can also be hard to imaging that wrapping an entire vehicle has economic advantages over traditional paint.  The answers might surprise you.  Take a look at our post on NLS Ford F-150 warp to learn more about the advantage of a vinyl wrap vs paint to brand a vehicle or fleet.

Commercial Nissan NPR Wraps Create Clear Identity

New Call-to-actionFor landscape fleet wraps, the application of content that represent a brand on vehicles makes an impressive entrance to anyone. At the same time, Nissan NPR graphics establish a professional and reliable image of a business. See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

Beginning from vehicle graphics that have an appropriate design, material, and installation, your commercial or personal vehicle is ready for its marketing journey. Get some help at Riveting Wraps by calling us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

  • color change wrap and branding for Isuzu crewcab in Portland OR Riveting Wraps.jpg
  • Isuzu crew cab truck wrap Riveting Wraps Portland OR.jpg
  • Isuzu crewcab truck wrap by Riveting Wraps Portland OR.jpg

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