Origin Two Five Custom Mobile Coffee Van Wrap - Everett, WA

by Yuki Chan on October 21, 2019


The owner of Origin Two Five contacted Riveting Wraps to create a custom vehicle wrap as part of their advertising project that transforms a Dodge Promaster Van into a mobile coffee shop. Check out the coffee shop's gallery page to see more close-ups of the coffee truck wrap.

Mobile Coffee Shop Brings Seed To Cup Experience


Whether you need a morning coffee run or an afternoon caffeine fix, Origin Two Five is the newest coffee shop you should check out! The mobile coffee shop offers freshly roasted artisan coffee to Pacific Northwest neighborhoods. Doug Lee, a coffee industry veteran with over twenty years of experience, partners with his son, Anthony Lee, and created Origin Two Five. The father and son duo set out on the mission to "elevate the coffee culture through social reverence and sustainable responsiveness." From planting to brewing and from seed to cup, the dedication to quality in every step of the way adds up to a cup of flavorful and aromatic coffee. At Origin Two Five, the coffees they serve are brewed with beans from the coffee bean belt, a horizontal strip between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn that provides the most ideal environment to grow the best coffee plants. Stay tuned to the mobile coffee truck's operation schedule on Origin Two Five's social media pages! 

Black Coffee Truck Wrap Reflects Brand Values


The scent of freshly roasted coffee and the sight of the coffee shop van deliver both smell and visual stimuli to those who encounter the vehicle on the road and in the neighborhoods the coffee shop serves. Who could resist the temptation not to get a cup of refreshing coffee right away? These sensual elements form the most compelling advertising that drives brand awareness for Origin Two Five and attracts customers. It was Riveting Wraps' honor to design, produce, and install this one of a kind mobile coffee truck wrap.

"It was a great pleasure working with Deborah and Tori @ Riveting Wraps. They were awesome and our van turned out great! Thanks all!"
- Doug Lee
Owner of Origin Two Five

Van-Wrap-Installation-In-Process-Riveting-WrapsBefore being converted into a coffee truck, the vehicle was an ordinary 2018 Dodge Promaster 3500 van with a high roof in dark blue color. The customized concession windows and the vehicle wrap are the exterior alterations that bring Origin Two Five's coffee truck to life. Inspired by the coffee shop's branding and story, Riveting Wraps' designer incorporated elements on the Dodge Promaster wrap that would prominently showcase the brand. Black, the background color of the van wrap and the brand color of the coffee shop, exudes sophistication and mystery that encourage viewers to learn more about the brand and even get a taste of their coffee (learn more about the color psychology of vehicle wraps). The light grey topographic contour map pattern widely adopted on the coffee van wrap relates to the special tropical terrain where coffee plants are grown and Origin Two Five's "down to earth" spirit to make quality coffee.

Custom Branded Dodge Promaster Van Wrap

Companies select vehicle types that would be the most compatible with their operation and business needs. In hindsight, the branding support from the vehicles by applying vehicle wraps and graphics on them was least factored into when acquiring the vehicles. However, the vehicle make and model does not really matter for vehicle marketing as it would work just as great with a good design that well exhibits the brand's uniqueness. For instance, viewers would definitely remember Origin Two Five's vehicle as a coffee van instead of a Dodge Promaster van. That is made possible because of the coffee shop's impressive branding. 

New Call-to-actionCheck out Riveting Wraps' portfolio for more van wraps and Dodge Promaster wraps. Give us a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com and let us transform your vehicles.

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