OSI Ford F150 Crew Cab And Canopy Truck Graphics - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on March 3, 2020

Henkel Corporation entrusted Riveting Wraps to fabricate vehicle graphics for its OSI fleet, a subsidiary brand of the global corporation that operates innovative brands with emphasis on adhesive technologies, beauty care, and laundry and home care.

Professional Construction Grade Adhesives


As one of the adhesive technologies business under Henkel Corp., OSI specializes in adhesives, caulks, and sealants for construction and building use. "Tougher Than The Elements," OSI's professional series of products work just as it claims, delivering excellent heavy duty adhesive results under all weather conditions (even for Seattle's rainy weather). 

Custom Promotional Ford F150 Truck Graphics


The OSI team and the OSI Roadshow Truck frequently travel around dealer locations and to trade shows for product demonstrations and  OSI Certified Training. These occasions are great opportunities to showcase the OSI branding on displays, products, uniforms, and most prominently, the promotional trucks. Riveting Wraps designed, produced, and installed fleet graphics on OSI's Ford F150 truck that would participate in the events and provide support to local Greater Seattle Area dealers. When the truck is on the road, the custom Ford F150 graphics reap the following benefits for the adhesive brand:

  • Raise brand awareness by generating impressions
  • Stimulate store traffic at dealers and sales growth
  • Present professional and reliable image to retain existing dealers and attract potential ones
  • Achieve geographically targeted marketing with brand exposure in where the targeted customers are at

Learn more about the advertising benefits of vehicle marketing and how it contributes to attaining goals. OSI's Ford F150 truck comes with a hardtop canopy for an enclosed storage and vehicle graphics are also applied on this added hardware. Riveting Wraps' creative designer illustrated design proofs using a precise template of the exact vehicle make and model to enable our client to envision the finished effect on all sides of the truck. The black color of the truck coincides with OSI's brand color and creates great contrast with the yellow and white logo and lettering graphics. By leveraging their branding's strong visual impact, the branded truck graphics guarantee attentions.

Quality Vehicle Graphics For Quality Branding

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Not only OSI's products are designed to withstand mother nature, Riveting Wraps' vehicle graphics are weather resistant all outdoor weather. Fabricated with cast vinyl, a material known for its durability and strong adhesiveness, the truck graphics conform and adhere to the vehicle's surface just as binding as OSI's sealants. However, when the graphics need to be removed, it comes off easily without causing damage to the original paint layer. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see more Ford F150 Graphics and Truck Wraps And Graphics.

Give Riveting Wraps at call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com to empower your vehicles to promote on the go.

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