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by Yuki Chan on October 19, 2018


Lund Painting's 10 ft. enclosed trailer has vehicle graphics partially covering its upper body that feature the painting contractor's branding and contact information. The trailer graphics identify it as a member of the painter fleet with the consistent graphics on the other service vehicles.

Local Painting Contractor With Extensive Geographic Reach

Custom-Painting-Van-Trailer-Graphics-Redmond-WA-Riveting-WrapsEveryday, Lund Painting's service vehicles are busy going around the Pacific Northwest to deliver painting services to their customers. From main office Redmond to Seattle, New Castle, Mercer Island, and many more nearby cities, the local painter's fleet expansion broadens their geographic reach to serve more customers in further regions. Riveting Wraps had the honor to produce, design, and install fleet graphics for the new vehicles, including the trailer, a Nissan NV200, and a Nissan NV2500 van hauling the trailer above.   

Good preparation goes side by side with quality outcomes and customer satisfaction. To ensure smooth service delivery, Lund Painting stocks their service vans and trailers with all the necessary equipment and materials. The carton shape of the trailer not only makes it a good storage container but also an ideal canvas for putting on the painter's branding.

Custom Painter Trailer Graphics Strengthen Brand Presence


Together with the van towing the trailer, there are two consecutive rolling billboards featuring Lund Painting's branding. This visual impact leaves a remarkable presence of the local painter brand in the targeted communities they serve. The painter fleet graphics addition on the trailer upgrade its function from storage to also achieve identification, advertising, and customer relation purposes.

Identification: Plain white trailers are a generic vehicle commonly used by many businesses and even individuals. By putting Lund Painting's branding on the trailer, it helps show the vehicle's ownership and makes it easy for their employees and customers to identify. 

Advertising: The painter brand exposures from the trailer (no matter it is on the road or being parked) drives drives brand awareness. Prospects who encountered the trailer advertisement might recall Lund Painting and become leads and potentially customers.

Customer Relation: Service vehicle graphics contribute to a professional service image as a great first impression to customers. Lund Painting's service fleet graphics are the physical evidence that tie into their customers' experiences from awareness through service delivery and beyond.

All four sides of the trailer have navy blue graphics that match Lund Painting's brand color and printed white texts and visuals of the painter's logo and contact information. The scale of this fleet trailer graphics makes it a partial wrap as it covers a majority of the vehicle and leaves a part of the original vehicle surface exposed.  

New Fleet Graphics Look With New Vehicles

When acquiring new vehicles for a fleet (whether it is expansion or replacement), it is a good opportunity to refresh the brand image presented on the service vehicles with new fleet graphics. Lund Painting collaborated with Riveting Wraps to create a brand new look for the new vehicles. Learn more about the two things to consider when expanding your fleet.

New Call-to-action

Check out how other businesses are branding their trailers and service vehicles in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. Let's discuss your fleet vehicles' potential to broadcast your brand. Give us a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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