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by Yuki Chan on April 2, 2019

West Coast Vehicle Wraps Dodge RAM 2500 Riveting Wraps Lynnwood WA

Precision Door Services's garage door services are available across the country with more than 90 franchises nationwide. Riveting Wraps produced and installed another national fleet service truck wrap for their Lynnwood franchise. 

Vehicle Wrap Project Management For National Fleet

Custom RAM 2500 Wrap for Precision Door Services by Riveting Wraps Lynnwood WA

Convenient, prompt, and reliable, these are the service promise Precision Door Services make to their clients. The national garage door expert is at your service same day, or by appointment on evenings and weekends. Trusted by homeowners, Precision Door Services' national fleet of service vehicles ensures the brand's customer guarantee to be delivered. The service vehicles not only take the garage door crew to appointments on-time and are fully stocked with all the necessary supply and equipment to finish client's job in one visit.

From West Coast to East Coast, all Precision Door Services franchise vehicles have standardized fleet wrap representing the national household brand. It was Riveting Wraps' honor to manage vehicle wrap projects for the garage door services' west coast franchises. Our project management service breaks geographic barrier for clients and makes certain of consistent nationwide branding and constant quality presentation. 

RAM 2500 Truck Wrap Joins Forces With National Franchise Fleet

Full wrap for Dodge RAM 2500 by Riveting Wraps Lynnwood WA

Other than RAM 2500 Trucks, Precision Door Services' service fleet consists of different vehicle types (such as Chevy Express Van and Jeep Cherokee SUV) that accommodate to their services offered. Consistent branding on the various make and model of vehicles in the fleet is essential for a uniform fleet presentation. To ensure compatibility of the standard Precision Door Services vehicle wrap design on all vehicle types, Riveting Wraps adapted the design to custom fit the vehicle. The design of the RAM 2500 Truck Wrap, for instance, is created with a template of the vehicle (shown on a design proof) for precise fitting. 

Dodge RAM Wrap Riveting Wraps Lynnwood WAThe wrapped RAM 2500 Truck joins forces with the rest of the West Coast garage door service fleet to deliver services, establish professional image during service delivery, and advertise Precision Door Services wherever their services reach. According to GeoPath, vehicle wraps make 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. Imagine the advertising power of Precision Door Services' national fleet of 90 franchises. The number of daily impressions the franchise vehicles generate for the household brand across the country is in the millions! When these impressions convert into sales, it initiates a cycle of business growth that would demand more service vehicles driving more businesses. 

Powerful Advertising Results From National Fleet Wraps 

Whether it is a local, franchise, or national fleet, they all have fleet vehicle wraps and graphics to showcase its unity and ownership. These repetitive and consistent branding form effective vehicle advertisement. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more truck wraps and RAM 2500 truck wraps.   

New Call-to-actionFleet wrapping is one of your strongest advertising channels. Get started by calling Riveting Wraps at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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