Franchise Dodge RAM Fleet Wraps Create Expert Image - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on July 1, 2016

Riveting_Wraps_Precision_Door_Services_Franchise_Fleet_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgFounded in Arizona and headquartered in Florida, Precision Door Service (PDS) is a national garage door expert whose franchises serve customers across the country.  Riveting Wraps has produced and installed their fleet wraps across multiple states, from Washington to Utah to California. 

The Daily Routine Of PDS Fleet Graphics

Vehicle wraps and graphics are like a full time employee always working to fullfill their advertising responsibilities. During the day, Precision Door Service's truck graphics travel around their service cities with its technicians and staffs to offer garage door quotations, repair, maintenance, and installation services. On the way to its service destinations, it constantly presents the best image of Precision Door Service to the other  drivers and passersby it encounters.

In addition to the key information on an effective vehicle graphics, Precision Door Service's character, a cartoon spring, is also featured on their fleet graphics design. This adds liveliness to the fleet and transform it into an even more memorable and convincing advertisement. When the fleet wraps appear at the households or corporations that they are providing services to, it is a credible identification that show the professionalism and quality service standards of Precision Door Service.

Consistent Nationwide Branding 

To date, Riveting Wraps wrapped the entire Precision Door Services fleet of Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks for Seattle, Spokane, Salt Lake City and San Diego markets. Aside from wrapping the newly leased vehicles for their fleet expansion, we also removed and updated old and deteriorating graphics on some of the older fleet vehicles. Replacing old graphics in time can avoid damaging a brand's image. Eleven of these Dodge Ram trucks belong to PDS' Seattle area franchisee and will be used to service customers around the Greater Seattle Area. As a national organization, Precision Door Service's fleet has a standard requirement for its model and truck wraps design. Riveting Wraps' designer team helped to adapt the corporate design to fit the Dodge Ram 4x4 trucks and other vehicles in their fleet. As with all of our vehicle wrap projects, our designers provided design proofs for each vehicle type to our client for their approval prior to production and instsallation.

To reduce service downtime of our client's vehicles, Riveting Wraps' installation team wrapped a portion of the trucks at Precision Door Service's Lynnwood facility. Being a great client, Precision Door Service always wash their vehicles in advance and bring them in to our studio on time. This speeded up our installation process and ensured that the truck graphics are properly installed. It was a really nice cooperation with you, Precision Door Service! We really enjoy helping you promote your business with great vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps: A Key To Effective Marketing

New Call-to-actionIn fact, Precision Door Service and Riveting Wraps have made plans to install fleet wraps on more new vehicles and replace old fleet graphics design for service trucks across all three states in the coming months. Being a garage door export, Precision Door Service understands that fleet wraps is a key effective marketing. Click to see what other fleet graphics Riveting Wraps helped design, produce, and install

Riveting Wraps is a brand execution expert on vehicles. We believe that a consistent fleet creates innumerable marketing benefits. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at for more information on establishing your professional fleet. 

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