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by Yuki Chan on August 10, 2016
Founded in 2013, Leadership Prepatory Academy is a private school that offers education for students from grade 6 to 12. When they first started, the school was known as L&E Academy and Riveting Wraps installed rear window graphics for their principal's Honda SUV. Two years after the previous project, the renamed school decided to work with us again to update the vehicle graphics to show their newest brand image. 

Subtle Advertisement For Kirkland School

The Honda CR-V and Honda Civic that Riveting Wraps installed graphics on are the personal vehicles of Leadership Prepatory Academy's principal. Unlike a commercial vehicle, which the choice of vehicle marketing presentation will go a more prominent direction (such as a full wrap), advertisement on personal vehicles are a lot more subtle. Small size logo and text graphics on the side panels or rear window are appropriate forms of presentation that advertise with the least daily impact to the owner of the vehicle. Rear window graphics in particular focus on attracting the audiences who are drivers and passengers that follow after and passersby who walk passed the car when it was parked. Commuting back and forth in the local community, it is certain that parents and guardians who travel the same routes can notice Leadership Prepatory Academy's vehicle advertisement. 

After rebranding and a name change, it is essential for a brand to present their new image and update such information across all marketing channels. This is why Leadership Prepatory Academy needed new vehicle graphics. The SUV graphics and the sedan graphics has the same structure but different messages. The Kirkland school's new image aims to be more sophisticated and cutting-edge in terms of using innovative teaching methods that accommodate to students' learning styles and preferences.

Rear Window Graphics That Care For Safety

riveting_wraps_leadership_prepatory_academy_school_rear_window_graphics_kirkland_wa.jpgAlthough the designs are very similar, the production of the old and new graphics is different. The SUV has a vertical surface window, but the window of the sedan is tilted. This required the use of different types of vinyl materials to ensure the driver's visibility. On a vertical window, a layer of perforated window film creates a one-way effect that allows the transmission of light to the darker side through the pores on the vinyl. The drivers will not be able to see and affected by the visuals that appear on the outside. For an inclined surface, the application of perforated vinyl would conversely block driver's rear view. Instead, simple cut vinyl was applied on the sedan.

For every marketing campaign, safety should always be one of the considering factor. Especially for advertisements on vehicles, the existence of the marketing messages should not generate any negative influences to the drivers and passengers' daily operations. "Drive safe while marketing," this is the goal that our Riveting Wraps team aims to achieve for every vehicle projects that we are responsible for.

Believe In Your Brand

New Call-to-actionRiveting Wraps believes in every brand's capability to create impact to others. Leadership Prepatory Academy's vehicle rear window advertisement reveals a non-traditional schooling choice to parents and students. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for other contemporary vehicle advertisement.

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