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by Yuki Chan on November 27, 2018

Construction Builders Fleet Rebranding Graphics for Swinerton Builders F150 Graphics by Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA

Swinerton Builders' Ford F150 fleet trucks returned to Riveting Wraps' studio for vehicle graphics update. The construction company re-branded earlier this year to celebrate its 130th Anniversary. The vehicles in their Seattle fleet (including this Ford Transit service van) are getting new graphics that showcase the new branding.

Important Historical Contributor To National Infrastructure

Swinerton Builders Construction Crew Fleet Rebranding by Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA

Offering professional construction services for more than a century, Swinerton Builders made history and built the future for this country's infrastructure. The post–Gold Rush building boom in California during the 1880s gave opportunity for a Swedish immigrant to fulfill his dreams and established his construction contracting business. Many of the landmark buildings in San Francisco were built by Swinerton Builders, such as the Opera House, the Ghirardelli Square retail complex, and the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Building. The company's innovative culture propels it's people to overcome challenges and to uphold its leading position in the industry. Swinerton Builders' re-brand signifies its prospect and determination to future evolution and development:

“This rebrand represents one of the most strategic initiatives that Swinerton will undertake in the coming years and we are proud to unveil this new chapter in the story of our organization.”

- Swinerton Builders CEO Jeff Hoopes

Fleet Truck Graphics Features "Outside The Box" Builder


This is the second time Riveting Wraps produced and installed fleet graphics for Swinerton Builders' fleet. The previous truck graphic design adopted the builder's 2001 logo that has a navy blue background underneath the white logo and brand name. A "pointing" builder with an architect holding a blueprint is an iconic branding for Swinerton Builders that had been used since 1988. The logo re-brand breaks the builder's pointing hand "outside the box" to symbolize the construction company's forward-thinking and driven nature. Aside from its fleet vehicles, the builder also updated the new branding on its website, social media pages, uniforms, hardhats, etc..

Swinerton Fleet Rebrand Graphics by Riveting Wraps Bellevue WAThe original white color of the truck creates great contrast with the construction contractor graphics on the driver's side, the passenger side, and the rear of the vehicle. A minimal cut vinyl vehicle graphics design such as this Ford F150 truck graphics is cost effective and provides vehicle identification on the job sites. A fleet of vehicles with vehicle advertisement is a strong army that advocates for the brand wherever it goes and promotes business growth. Swinerton Builders' decision to update their fleet graphics after the re-brand also aligns with content and consistency, the two important values of fleet graphics management.

Construction Contractor Fleet Graphics 

New Call-to-actionFrom planning, design, production, and installation, Riveting Wraps selects the finest materials and applies skilled craftsmanship to deliver our clients' branding. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see more construction contractor vehicle graphics, truck graphics, and  fleet wraps and graphics.

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