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by Yuki Chan on November 1, 2017

Red Lion Inn hotel shuttle graphics Bellevue WA by Riveting Wraps

The Red Lion Hotel Bellevue offers shuttle services to their guests. They contacted Riveting Wraps to install logo graphics on their GMC Yukon SUV to help guests identify the shuttle vehicle. 

Downtown Bellevue Accommodation With Warm Hospitality

Hotel Shuttle Graphics for Identification by Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA

Located on the Main Street of Bellevue, the Red Lion Hotel is just minutes away from Seattle and many local landmarks including the Bellevue Arts Museum and the Bellevue Botanical Garden. This Downtown Bellevue hotel is one of the locations of the Red Lion Hotels that is a subsidiary of the national hotel group Red Lion Hotels. Shuttle services are some of the amenities the hotel offers to deliver affordable five-star full-service lodging to their guests. The hotel's fleet of shuttle vehicles show guests around Bellevue to experience the city's charm and urbanity. 

Coherent Brand Impressions Throughout Stay With Hotel Shuttle Bus Graphics 

Red Lion Hotels Shuttle Van Identification Graphics Bellevue WA by Riveting WrapsFrom the hotel entrance through the suite rooms, guests are greeted by Red Lion Hotel's branding on amenities and facilities, showing the hotel's hospitality. The signature red logo of the hotel is also branded on their shuttle vehicles. These consistent, coherent, and repeated branding exposures create lasting impressions to guests throughout their stay. The addition of vehicle graphics on the hotel's GMC Yukon SUV not only reinforce the hotel's branding but also:

  • Help guests using transportation services to easily identify their ride
  • Assure safety and show reliability with an authoritative branded vehicle 
  • Showcase professional image of hotel with five-star service
  • Present uniform branding with the rest of the hotel fleet
  • Promote the hotel in the neighborhood both when it's on the road and being parked 

The Red Lion Hotel logo graphics are installed on both left and right side of the SUV's end passenger windows. Making great contrast with the black shuttle bus, the red logos pop and make the hotel's branding easily noticeable. The graphics were produced with quality cast vinyl material, vibrant latex printing, and protective lamination to ensure durable visual communication. 

Show Service Dedication With Shuttle Vehicle Graphics 

"Welcome to Red Lion Hotel and thank you for using our shuttle service!" This is the instant message guests perceive when they encounter the hotel's branded shuttle vehicles. The custom hotel shuttle vehicle graphics show the hotel's dedication to take care of their guests' needs not just by outsourcing the task but by actually providing it themselves. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio to see more Transportation Vehicle Wraps and shuttle vehicle graphics.  

New Call-to-actionEnthusiastically express your hospitality to guests with hotel vehicle graphics! Get started by giving Riveting Wraps a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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