Reflective Fire Truck Graphics Ensure Park Fire Safety - Sammamish, WA

by Yuki Chan on January 10, 2017

Riveting Wraps washington state fire trucks reflective graphics Issaquah Bellevue Seattle.jpgKnown as the Evergreen State, Washington has 186 State Parks. They are good getaway and vacation destinations for local residents and out-of-state visitors. To preserve and protect these natural spaces, park rangers and fire responders are on duty to act quickly in the event of emergencies. Riveting Wraps recently worked with the Washington State Parks to install vehicle graphics for the Lake Sammamish Park fire trucks. 

Fire Regulations At Washington State Parks

Riveting Wraps reflective vinyl graphics for fire trucks Issaquah Bellevue Seattle.jpgLake Sammamish Park officially became a Washington State Park in 1952. Prior to that, it was a historical community where several Native American tribes fished and farmed. Today, the park with the beautiful waterfront is visited by thousands of visitors for events and gatherings, picnicing, hiking, boating, swimming, etc. Click to check out the 2017 Park Free Days!

The Washington State Parks is responsible for maintaining order and regulating activities on the park property. Fire, for instance, is a disastrous hazard that can cause severe damage. And according to the National Park Service, human caused fire made up 90% of wildfires occurrences. This is why fire bans are set to restrict and prohibit fire lighting. As visitors, we should abide by these rules and show love and respect to the environment while we enjoy the scenery. 

Fire Truck Decals Clear The Way For Rescue

Fire truck reflective vinyl graphics Riveting Wraps Issaquah Bellevue Seattle WA.jpgHowever, it is still inevitable that fire accidents occasionally happen in the park. The Washington State Parks prepares for these situations by stationing fire responders at the parks. In order to quickly arrive at the scene for immediate fire response, the 512 acres Lake Sammamish State Park just added three new fire trucks. Like all the other fire trucks at the Lake Sammamish State Park, the three new emergency vehicles require reflective vehicle graphics.

Riveting Wraps selected durable reflective vinyl materials that are DOT-2 certified to meet NHTSA 49CR5710 requirements. With the dimensions and design the park provided, production was carried out smoothly. The red and yellow reflective striping on the truck make the vehicle easily noticeable and deliver a sense of warning that directs visitors and bystanders to clear the right of way for the rescue team. Using printable reflective vinyl, Riveting Wraps also printed Washington State Parks' logo and applied it on both sides of the truck. By doing so, the fire truck graphics empower the trucks as authoritative vehicles which park visitors can trust and seek out for help. The Lake Sammamish State Park's garage has all the ideal qualities for a vehicle graphics installation and for the park's convenience, Riveting Wraps sent our installers to the park to complete the project.

Effective Emergency Vehicle Graphics

"Danger ahead and help is on its way!" Accompanied by the sirens and beacons, this is the message that all emergency vehicle graphics transmit. Emergency vehicles are always maintained in pristine conditions not only because it bears the honor of its organization, but also to ensure the urgent message is effectively delivered. See more truck graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. 

New Call-to-actionLake Sammamish State Park's fire truck graphics are considered as partial wraps, find out the differences between full wrap and partial vehicle wrap. Show the significance of your vehicle with wraps and graphics, contact Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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